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A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Middle Dalmatia: resorts, yachting, excursions and outdoor activities, cuisine and traditions, popular routes.

Located on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia Islands offer tourists beautiful beaches, romantic bays and many attractions. This is one of the best places to stay in Croatia.


General information about the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Middle Dalmatia is not without reason one of the most visited regions of Croatia. The largest city and capital of the Islands is Split, the former domain of the Emperor Diocletian. On the coast is the ancient city of Trogir with a beautiful old district, a monumental Kastela and the cleanest beaches of the Makarska Riviera. The typical Mediterranean climate guarantees a pleasant and relaxing holiday. This region boasts excellent infrastructure and a wide range of entertainment.

In Middle Dalmatia, tourists can not only relax on the beach, but also engage in water sports or admire buildings from different eras. Most visited places – Trogir, Split, Omis, Makarska Riviera, the island Brac and island of Hvar.

Dalmatia is a region in the Balkans, located in Croatia, as well as in Montenegro (Boka Kotorska), Bosnia and Herzegovina (the city of Neum and its surroundings). The nature of the region is associated with vineyards, olives, figs, citrus, fishing, sheep and goat grazing. Middle Dalmatia is a successful combination of beaches, bays and historical monuments with modern resorts.

The number of solar hours per year is about 2620. The average temperature in August is 25 ° C, in January – 8 ° C, and the maximum temperature is 38 ° C and 17 ° C, respectively. As for the average water temperature, in August this indicator reaches 24℃, and in January-11℃.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Yachting and boat trips

It is difficult to find any other country in Europe that is as hospitable to yachtsmen as Croatia. There are many convenient marinas, safe city ports and a wide range of companies offering sailing and motor yachts for rent. White sails against the sea are an integral part of the Croatian landscape.

In Middle Dalmatia, Charter companies compete with each other in providing yachtsmen with all the amenities that make sailing easier and more comfortable. Tourists are offered small yachts equipped with a bow thruster, as well as spacious catamarans with a power generator and air conditioning.

Yacht rental on the Islands of Middle Dalmatia is a guarantee of a carefree holiday. In no country do ship owners care about the technical condition of boats for rent as it happens on Croatia Islands. Holidays on a yacht from local companies will bring a lot of pleasure.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Split is a port city included in the UNESCO world heritage List. There are excellent transport links, near the motorway and the airport. Ships and ferries go to many cities in Croatia and Italy. Despite the fact that Split is quite urbanized city, vacationers can find here many beautiful beaches and marinas.

For a trip to the Islands of Middle Dalmatia, the best option is a motor or sailing yacht. Many Charter companies offer additional ship equipment and provide an experienced skipper to manage the yacht. When traveling on a yacht, you can not only see places that are inaccessible to land transport, but also watch dolphins swimming by.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Excursions and active holidays on the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Croatia is very popular among yachtsmen. The diverse coastline and mild climate with many Sunny days encourage hundreds of thousands of tourists to rent a yacht for a sea trip in Croatia. Beautiful language, Slavic hospitality and openness; excellent cuisine, rich in seafood; many sights and monuments of Antiquity and the middle Ages-all this belongs to the amazing Croatia.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Resorts in Central Dalmatia

Trogir is an ancient Croatian city that is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Its center is located on an island, it is connected by bridges to the mainland on one side and to the island of Ciovo on the other. The entrance to the Old city lies through the city gate of the late Renaissance. A little further away is the Central point of the city – John Paul II square, where the most valuable monument of Trogir – St. Lawrence Cathedral is located. This Church has a magnificent facade and a powerful bell tower, as well as an extremely rich interior in the Baroque style.

Nearby is the Church of St. Barbara – the oldest in Trogir. The embankment is closed from the West by the massive fortress of Kamerlengo of the XV century, and from the North and East Trogir is surrounded by parks with pedestrian paths and benches. Not far from the city, in the Bay of Marinska, there is a Marina Agana for 130 seats.

Croatia Hvar Island is considered the sunniest place among all the Islands of Dalmatia. Until recently, tourists arriving on the island were told that for every cloudy day they would be refunded money spent on accommodation.

The city of Hvar is located in the West of the island. Most other cities and towns are located on the North coast. The southern side of the island is almost uninhabited, although in some bays you can find small settlements and restaurants focused on serving tourists and yachtsmen.

Croatia Brac Island is the third largest island in the Adriatic. It consists of chalk and limestone. Here it is common to meet a large truck with huge blocks of stone on the way. On gravel and asphalt roads, these cars raise clouds of limestone dust that covers the surrounding area and settles on the greenery.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

One of the main tourist attractions of the island is the moving Zlatni Rat Peninsula, located on the southern coast of the island, near the city of Bol. It changes its shape depending on the direction of the sea currents.

You can only stay at the local Marina for a short time, most of the places are reserved for passenger ships. In good weather, you can anchor in front of the port, but so as not to obstruct the passage of ferries. On the Eastern side of the island of Brac Croatia there is Rasotica Bay – it is a good anchorage about 4 meters deep.

Sibenik is a city in Central Dalmatia, famous for the magnificent Cathedral of St. Nicholas Yakuba, which was included in the UNESCO list. The Cathedral can be seen during a sightseeing tour of the city, it stands on a square in the center of the city, near the town hall. This is the largest stone Church in the world, built without any binders.

Just behind the Cathedral is a small medieval Church of St. Barbara. To enjoy the view of the city and the river, you need to climb the fortress of SV. Anne. Sibenik is a great starting point for a trip to Zadar, Split or Trogir. The city has a Mandalina Marina that can accommodate 50 yachts and boats.

Split is the capital of Central Dalmatia and the second largest Croatian city with a history of 1,700 years. The ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian in split are among the greatest Roman buildings that have survived to this day.

In addition to the Palace, the city has many other attractions that are worth seeing: cathedrals, town halls and defensive walls with the famous gates (Gold, Silver and Iron). It is worth visiting the Eastern Bazaar and see the beautiful panorama of the city. Yachts can stay at ACI Marina Split.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Beaches, parks and entertainment venues

Traveling from Trogir to the Islands of Middle Dalmatia, you can make several stops at the Islands for beach holidays. Near Trogir, are the beautiful beaches of Ciovo Island and on the island of Brac there is a pebble beach areas, such as Supetar and Sutivan, Mirca, and Milne, as well as Splitska, Postira, Pucisca, Povlja and Sumartin. Zlatni Rat beach is considered a tourist symbol and business card of Croatia. From Trogir, you can swim to the cleanest beaches of Hvar-the pebble-stony Hula Hula, where you will find a place for lovers of Windsurfing, and the small-pebble Vela, where families with young children come to relax.

There are many natural parks in Central Dalmatia, some of them are located in the mountains, others - on the plains. Travelers have a unique opportunity to see Telashchitsa with its unspoiled nature and high cliffs, as well as Biokovo with canyons, caves, forests and a Botanical garden.

As for entertainment facilities, you can visit not only cafes and restaurants, but also night clubs, bars, and listen to live music. In the cities of Middle Dalmatia, the night life is as intense as during the day. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy rafting. If you want something new, you can find cable cars, caves with stalagmites and stalactites, an aquarium, a marine Museum and a dinosaur Park that runs from May to September.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

What to see and where to go

Going on a yacht trip from Trogir, you can visit the island of Brac, Hvar, visit the island of Solta, and visit the Islands of Drvenik Veliki and Drvenik Mali. In Hvar, you can see huge fields of flowering lavender. In summer, especially in June, it is impossible not to feel the aroma of this plant. Lavender is the symbol of the island, and lavender oil is the main souvenir that you can bring from here. It is impossible not to mention the wine that island Hvar Croatia is famous for. Try the cultivar "Bogdanusa" – a white wine that goes great with fish dishes and seafood.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Culture, cuisine and traditions

Traditional dishes of Middle Dalmatia are full of a variety of tastes and smells. Here you can try prshut – the main appetizer in any Croatian menu. Traditionally, this delicacy is thinly sliced into long slices and served as a side dish with cheese and olives. The best price for this dish is in Sibenik.

The variety of cheeses in Dalmatia is impressive. The best sheep's milk cheese is produced on the island of Pag. It is believed that animals grazing on the slopes of the island give delicious milk, which is made of a spicy and pleasant-tasting hard cheese.

Only by imagining a traditional peck dish can the appetite be greatly increased. All ingredients (lamb or octopus with potatoes) are covered with a heavy iron lid until fully cooked. The dish does not mix, but just languishes slowly. No one can resist the great combination of taste and smell of baking!

Croats are very hospitable, especially those who rent accommodation for the duration of their stay in Middle Dalmatia. Often the price of rented apartments includes evening gatherings with wine from the owners ' cellar and local treats.

It is easy to make friends in Croatia – it is an open and fun nation. The attitude to tourists is very positive. The locals speak Croatian and Serbian, and some understand Italian, English and German. In June, a dance festival is held throughout Croatia – a fascinating spectacle.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

Travel tips

The monetary unit in Croatia since 1991 is the Kun (Kn, HRK). Banknotes and coins are used. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, and hotels. Travelers need to show their passport to exchange money. Banks and some currency exchange offices do not charge transaction fees. Traveler’s cheques can only be exchanged at banks. For those who travel by car, it is better to check the validity of the insurance.

A Fascinating Route Through the Islands of Middle Dalmatia

The Islands of Middle Dalmatia are perfect for a leisurely, measured vacation with close people. It is easy to find a quiet and cozy place here. The population of the Dalmatian Islands is very friendly, you can always count on help in a difficult situation. When traveling from Trogir to the Islands of Middle Dalmatia, take a look at Sibenik and Split. Untouched nature reserves, clean water and beaches, unique attractions and active entertainment will bring you a lot of positive emotions from the trip.

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