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Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Krka national Park: geography and climate, waterfalls, monasteries, taverns and shops.

Croatia is one of the best countries for ecotourism. In addition to creating a tourist infrastructure, they are actively engaged in preserving the natural diversity that arose here long before the appearance of people. The unusual climate of the country allowed it to become the owner of not only landscape diversity, but also a large number of rare representatives of flora and fauna. You can enjoy the pristine nature in nature reserves and national parks. One of the most amazing is the Nacionalni Park Krka.


Geography and climate

Before going to the Croatia National Park Krka, you should learn more about where it is located. First, you need to find the Sibenik city on the map (on the coast, between Zadar and split), then go North to the lake of Prokljansko. Next to it will be the town of Skradin-the closest to the National Krka Park. Most of the Krka river valley is occupied by a Park.

The length of the Krka River is 73 km. It flows into the Adriatic Sea (part of the Mediterranean). The area of the Krka Park Croatia is 109 km2. Coordinates: 43°48'07"N. L., 15°58'22" E. L.

Krka national Park is located in the zone of moderate continental climate. This means that it is cold in winter and hot in summer, and there are large temperature differences. The best time to visit Krka Park is from April to August. The water is already warm by June, and the average air temperature is kept at +25-30 degrees. With the arrival of September, the "rainy season" begins in Croatia, which lasts until winter.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Visiting Krka Park on a yacht

You will not be able to get directly to the Krka National Park by boat. You will need to go to the port of Skradin, leave the yacht there and change to another type of transport, land or river.

The nearest place where you can rent a yacht to travel along the coast of Croatia is Sibenik. It is located just 17 km from Skradin. Sibenik has one of the best yacht marinas in Croatia – Mandalina. It is very easy to get to it by sea and land, and there is even transport from split and Zadar airports.

Routes from Sibenik usually include visits to the city of Zadar and the Islands of the Kornati archipelago. On the island of Dugi Otok there is the national Park Kornati and Telascica Nature reserve. You can walk from Sibenik to Skradin, walk in the Krka National Park, and then go to the city of Zadar, making a small detour through the Kornati Archipelago.

If you start from Trogir, you can also capture the most remote from the mainland Croatian island of Vis.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Interesting places in Krka National Park

There are several beautiful places that you can see while walking in the Krka National Park. The Park's natural attractions have become world-famous and attract hundreds of tourists every year.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia


In total, you can see as many as 7 waterfalls Croatia Krka in the Park, which are located in different parts of the river. Each of them has a name:

  • Bilušić Buk – 22 meters
  • Brljan – 15 meters
  • Manujlovač-the main part is 32 meters long, the total length is 60 meters
  • Rošnjak – 8 meters
  • Miljacka Slap-24 meters
  • Roški Slap – 22.5 meters
  • Skradinski Buk-46 meters

Skradinski Buk waterfall is the largest and most famous waterfall. People come here to see It.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia


There are two monasteries in the Park:

  • Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac
  • Serbian Orthodox monastery

The Serbian Orthodox monastery is not only a Romanesque architectural monument (it was built in 1350), but also one of the main religious places for Orthodox Croats.

The monastery remains active to this day, despite numerous demolitions and alterations. The present appearance of the monastery was acquired only in 1779. The important historical significance of the monastery is evidenced by its library with many rare texts that tell about the history of Serbian culture (the monastery belongs to the Serbian Orthodox Church). The oldest manuscript is the thirteenth – century gospel. Not far from the monastery, you can see the ruins of the Roman military camp Burnum.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Museums and monuments

Next to the Skradinski Buk waterfall there is a large ethnographic Museum that tells about the history of Croatia and the development of the Park. One of the most amazing exhibits is a washing machine powered by the energy of a waterfall.

You can also visit the old windmills. Additionally, tourists may be interested in parts of the first Croatian power plant, which was only two days away from becoming the first in the world. It is a project of Nikola Tesla and was commissioned in August 1895. The station operated until the First World War.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia


Any national Park is a beautiful nature. The continental climate of Croatia is characterized by mountains, green hills, dense coniferous and deciduous forests, rocky areas and fast rivers.

What you will find in Krka National Park:

  • 860 species of flora
  • 18 different types of fish
  • Krka Park is a transit point for many migratory birds

Among the plants there are many endemics – so called representatives of flora and fauna that live only in a certain geographical area.

To describe why a walk on the Krka River is better than a walk on land along it, just one word will be enough – Visovac. Visovac is a tiny island Krka Croatia right in the middle of the river. You can get to the island only by water.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

The Island Of Visovac

The area of the Visovac island of Krka – is 0.017 km2. Its exact coordinates are 43°51'40" N. L. 15°58'24" E. L. Visovac is an island of almost perfect oval shape with green trees, where the Franciscan monastery is hidden. The monastery is home to animals, mostly birds. You can't touch or feed them. The island was first mentioned in 1345, around the same time the first Church and monastery of St. Paul was built here. The monastery was rebuilt several times, the final version of it, which has survived to this day, dates back to the XVII century. The monastery preserves many handwritten religious texts and documents, as well as works of art. It is open to tourists.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Recreation in Krka National Park

There is no full-fledged tourist infrastructure in the Park. Here you can stroll and relax in silence, listening to the sound of waterfalls and wind, enjoy the fresh air and an amazing unity with nature.

The territory of the Park is large, so it will be difficult to completely walk around it. It is most convenient to use a minibus or Bicycle – they are rented in the Park. You can go on river tours organized by the Park itself on small pleasure boats. This is especially useful if you want to view the waterfalls from the best angles. Excursions are both land and water.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Taverns and shops

The Park is too large to leave guests without a chance to eat on the way. From the taverns with local Croatian and international cuisine, it is worth noting:

  • Stari Mlin (Lozovac) - Croatian cuisine
  • Konoba Kalikuša-Croatian cuisine, you can buy full dishes or individual products; located in one of the old mills
  • Panorama is located next to the Roški waterfall
  • Bak-Croatian cuisine and a large selection of wine

While walking in the Park, you will often meet vendors of herbs, berries, pickled olives, homemade wine and other delicacies. They also sell handmade items, such as wicker baskets. There are souvenir shops near the taverns.

In some places of Krka, tourists are officially allowed to swim, such places are located near small waterfalls. The Park has several low bridges where you can jump into the water.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Krka Park rules

When visiting Krka National Park, it is worth remembering that:

  • You can only swim in permitted areas
  • Diving is not recommended
  • Do not touch animals, take flash photos, or feed them
  • Fishing and hunting are prohibited
  • Pets are not allowed in the Park
  • Picnics can be arranged, but only without a fire
  • You cannot enter on your own transport
  • Professional photography is prohibited

Walking in the Park takes a lot of time and effort. You should take care of comfortable clothing and shoes, preferably take hats, water and other things that may be useful. Guests with children are always welcome here, but children will get tired faster than adults. Children like to play in the water, it is better to prepare for this in advance.

Excursion to the Krka National Park – The Treasure of Croatia

Water is the main part of the Krka National Park. It can barely move, and then quickly rush down. Water adorns the already green landscapes with a rare emerald hue. This unity with the water element is best understood during a sea trip on a yacht to see Croatia in its natural environment.

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