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Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

Fabulous Islands, amazing mountains, historical cities, countless national and natural parks – the wealth of Kvarner Bay, which you will not get tired of admiring.

Fascinating nature, warm climate, abundance of nature reserves and other attractions – all this makes travelers fall in love with Croatia and makes them return here again and again. The Islands of Kvarner Bay are not very famous and crowded places, which is why it is very quiet and cozy.


General information about Kvarner Bay

Bay of Kvarner is located in the North of the Adriatic, between the Istrian Peninsula and the northwestern Croatian coast. The region is full of mountains, rivers and lakes, small towns with a small number of tourists and large lively resorts. Thanks to the local climate, there are several excellent health resorts on the Islands Bay of Kvarner Croatia, where people come from all over the world to improve their health.

The coastline of Kvarner is rugged, with a large number of Islands. The largest of them are Cres, Krk, Pan, Losinj and Rab. The Islands are connected by bridges. Despite the large number of nearby Islands, the Bay is quite deep, which makes it possible to receive heavy cargo ships. Many cities in the region have a rich history and excellent conditions for living for both short and long periods.

Kvarner Bay is a tourist region rich in resorts and small villages. The largest city is Rijeka, which has a population of more than 120 thousand inhabitants. Other cities number several thousand people.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

The distance between Kvarner and Zadar, the administrative center of Northern Dalmatia, is only 100 km. This path can be easily traversed by boat through the Croatia Pag Island. During the trip, it will be interesting to visit the nearby Islands: Mali-Losinj, Island Cres and Baska. The distance between Kvarner and Zagreb airport is 160 km, while Pula airport is 130 km away. The most remote airport from the Bay is considered to be Zadar – you will have to travel 200 km to get on a plane.

The Liburnians and Romans contributed to the development of Kvarner Bay. The remains of the Roman heritage can still be seen to this day. Croats appeared here during the migration of the Slavs in the VII century, the oldest evidence of their stay is "Baščanska ploča" - a disk found on the Croatian island of Krk.

The beginning of tourism in the Kvarner Bay is associated with the Austro-Hungarian period. At this time, Kvarner became a resort destination, the first hotels and estates for the aristocracy were built. Currently, they serve as modern hotels and SPA centers.

In the 1990s, tourism began to develop rapidly, and the popularity of Kvarner as a holiday destination increased significantly.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay


Kvarner is a region created for yachting. It is rich in bays, beaches, ports, Islands and everything that you can wish for in a sea trip. Many companies provide sailing boats, catamarans, gulets and motor yachts for rent. Your comfort level depends on the choice of vessel, so you should look at spacious and safe yachts.

Some companies offer one-way yacht rentals. Often, this offer applies only to catamarans and sailboats. Tourists can organize their trip according to their own ideas and desires, see the coast and Islands of the Adriatic.

In addition to special offers, when booking a yacht in Croatia, you can use additional services: early boarding and registration, additional cleaning, skipper services and Wi-Fi connection on the boat. It is possible to rent additional equipment: outboard motor, railings for safety, extra bed linen and towels.

The largest port in the region is considered to be Rijeka. The port city has excellent connections to the interior of Croatia. On the island of Krk, which is located near Rijeka, there is an airport, which makes this place a great start for travelers. Punat yacht Marina, located on the island of Krk, offers affordable prices for Parking. The Harbor is well protected from the winds, and the Puntarska Draga Bay is shallow and safe. Nearby, on the West coast of Istria, there is a yacht Marina Poric. It has 130 Parking spaces and offers services when mooring and leaving the yacht from the pier.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

Excursions and outdoor activities

In the Kvarner Bay includes many beaches, from tiny rocky coves to long with fine sand. In large cities, there are larger and neater beaches with Golden sand or pebbles. In the bays, you can find rocky or shallow gravel and stony places for swimming. This particular Bay is very popular among nudists – there are special beaches for those who like to sunbathe without clothes.

The unusual hills located in Kvarner Bay contrast with the rugged cliffs of the coast, cool rivers and charming lakes. Here you can observe typical Mediterranean nature with olive, orange and lemon trees. Such a variety of flora can only compete with Montenegro.

In summer, the temperature on the Bay Islands is quite high, but it is great for recreation, especially on the water. In the evening, there is a light sea breeze. In the winter months, there are lower temperatures and more precipitation.

Water sports, diving, sea cruises, hunting and fishing, Hiking and Cycling routes, mini Golf, tennis, football, handball, basketball and beach volleyball are popular here.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

Popular resort:

  • The coast of Rijeka-Kraljevica is the region with the largest Croatian port in Rijeka. Numerous olive groves and vineyards fill the area with a Mediterranean atmosphere
  • The Opatija Riviera is full of stunning landscapes and greenery. This place captivates almost all its guests with its beauty. There are former health resorts of the XIX century.
  • The Crikvenica Riviera has a mild climate, excellent resorts and beautiful beaches. The coast faces the island of Krk
  • Riviera Novi Vinodolska is ideal for those who are looking for peace and privacy. This place is popular with athletes due to the good conditions for water sports
  • Krk Island is the largest and one of the most famous Croatian Islands. Connected to the mainland by a bridge
  • Cres Island is famous for its historical monuments and beautiful nature. The island is connected to the neighboring island of Losinj
  • Losinj island is famous for dolphins that can be seen from the coastal zone
  • The island of RAB is a popular tourist area in the Kvarner Bay. The South is very rocky, the North is green and fertile
  • Gorski Kotar – the" green heart” of Croatia. Here you can find small towns, traditional villages and unspoiled nature far from crowded resorts

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

Sea excursions starting from Zadar

Long routes from Zadar to Kvarner Bay provide enough time for sightseeing tours in the Parking areas. The most popular time to travel is from June to September.

You can make a stop at the Veli Rat Marina or anchor in Panther Bay, where you need to go out carefully and do not forget about the shoal. The island of Premuda is followed by a fairly long way to the vicinity of Ilovik Island. It is only 12 miles from here to Maly Losinj. A short walk allows you to come to the Marina early in the morning, which gives you the opportunity to see the sights of the city. The first passage (Prolaz Most) is very small for yachts, so it is worth going between the capes Kriz and Koludarc.

Next you will pass through the Gulf of Medelin, where you can stroll along picturesque coves of the Bay. In the Gulf of rush's better to stay in the Bay of Turanica – it is protected from the winds and safe enough for Parking. From there you can get to the island of Cres, then to Opatija, Krk, Rab, Karlobag and to the Bay of Nova Povljana on the island of Pag. Only 18 miles separate the island from the Bay of Lucina in Molat, through which you can sail to Sali on the island of Dugi-Otok, and from there, 25 nautical miles away, you can already see Zadar.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

Beaches, parks and entertainment venues

In the North of Kvarner Bay is the mountain Kotar with high mountain peaks, and in the South – the Velebit hills. On the territory of Kvarner there is a national Park "Plitvice lakes", natural parks" Sjeverny Velebit "and"Risnjak".

Arriving at Opatija well worth a visit beaches such as Slatina, Tomasevac, Scrivici and the Lido. These beaches are the most visited among tourists and locals. Nearby there are open-air cinemas, cafes and restaurants, sports grounds. On the island of Krk, in the resort of Malinka, you can visit Rupa beach – it is ideal for sharing with young children.

On the Cres island Croatia there are beaches such as Sveti Ivan, Malik, Slatina and Susak. Island Pag has only two good beaches – Zrce and Strasko.

Opatija is famous for the preserved villas of Austrian families, which now house museums and galleries. There are cafes and restaurants nearby that serve Croatian dishes and wine.

The Islands of Kvarner Bay are an ideal place for those who love privacy and quiet holidays surrounded by Mediterranean nature. Every year, those who are tired of the restless rhythm of big cities and constant noise come here.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

What to see and where to go

Kvarner has a diverse climate, vegetation, architecture and culture. On the Islands of the Bay, you can enjoy swimming in the sea, learn about the rich history of the Islands, walk along the picturesque streets, and in winter – go snowboarding or skiing. Popular attractions in Kvarner Bay are:

  • Lovran-a city with a picturesque old district, winding streets and magnificent historical monuments
  • Volosko is an ideal place for Windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts
  • Kraljevica-an old port city located in the heart of Kvarner Bay
  • Selce – a small town with a picturesque port
  • Novi Vinodolska-a resort with a beautiful Old town and narrow streets
  • Karlobag is a charming place, ideal for summer holidays
  • Klenovica is a quiet resort with a sandy-pebbled beach

Many travelers come here in order to see the Opatija, Rijeka, Biserujka cave, Goli Otok and Lopar.

Around Rijeka, on the coast of Kvarner Bay, a large number of picturesque beaches are scattered, which can only be reached by boat or yacht. One of these places is considered Losinj-a great place to relax, where fans of peace and comfort come.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

Culture, cuisine and traditions

Nowhere in the Adriatic is it impossible to find such a large and tasty shrimp in the Gulf of Kvarner. The most famous dish in this region is soft lamb and sheep's cheese. You can try edible chestnuts from the island of Lovran, wine varieties "zhlakhtina", "troyshchina" and delicious cakes from the island of Rab.

Kvarner offers a wide variety of gourmet treats. At the fairs you can find forest fruits, fish, crayfish and other products of the highest quality: mushrooms, venison and some of the best cheeses in Croatia, made from cow, goat and sheep milk. These are only the main dishes of Croatian cuisine, to which you can add snails, frogs, honey. Many will want to try the baked lamb, it is prepared on the Islands of Pag, Cres, Krk, Rab and Liki.

This region traditionally hosts the Rapska Fjera event, where you have the opportunity to take part in jousting games and a crossbow shooting tournament. Theatrical and folk events are held.

The Bay Islands host carnivals in the summer, where you can participate in dances and games. There are wine festivals that last until dawn.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

Travel tip

Croatia has approximately 2,600 hours of sunshine per year. Throughout the state, you can drink water directly from the tap. When buying items for a large amount, you can return about 25% of their cost if you have a tax-free receipt. If this check is ignored and left at the checkout, the police may consider the buyer an accomplice to evading the owner of the establishment from taxes.

Tips are usually given not only in cafes and restaurants, but also as an additional payment to taxi drivers and guides. In a restaurant, a tip is only given if the service fee is not included in the receipt. Italian, German and English are spoken on the Gulf Islands. Smoking is prohibited in many establishments.

Journey by Boat to the Islands of the Kvarner Bay

The Islands of Kvarner Bay are a wonderful place for those who love educational tourism and a quiet family vacation on the sea coast. A beautiful region with a wonderful infrastructure has managed to carefully preserve its historical heritage – on the territory of Islands and protected areas, you can see ancient Roman and Byzantine monuments. The Islands of Kvarner Bay can make you fall in love forever. You should definitely throw a coin into the sea to come back here again.

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