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Rijeka — The Largest Port in Croatia

Rijeka is a great place for yachting and exploring historical sites. Tourists can visit Islands, resort towns, ancient buildings and taste delicious local cuisine.

Rijeka Croatia is a small town where the port of the same name is located. It is located in Northern Dalmatia, and its population does not exceed 130,000 people. The port Rijeka Croatia is considered the largest in this country. The annual cargo turnover is 14 million tons, and it is gradually increasing. According to historical records, the port existed already in the XIII century, and in the XVIII century it became a trade and economic center. Where is Rijeka located? The port of Rijeka, where there are many historical attractions, is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The pier is 4 km long. Port of Rijeka Croatia- holidays and great memories for a lifetime!


Terrain features and climate conditions

In Rijeka tourist attractions there are a lot of them, but before you go, you should definitely study the climate of Croatia. The city has high humidity, due to the action of the subtropical climate. Summers are usually warm, and in winter it often rains. August is considered the warmest month, the air temperature at this time is kept in the range of 19 to 28 degrees. The water warms up to 26 degrees. In the coldest month (January), the thermometer does not fall below 3 degrees and does not rise above 10 degrees. The local currency is the Kuna, but local establishments are willing to accept euros. In Croatia Rijeka airport is located on the island of Krk, it is connected to the city by a bridge. During the season, this city is visited by many tourists from other countries. Most often, planes arrive from England and Sweden.

In addition to being the largest port in Rijeka, this city attracts tourists with its excellent beaches. The comfortable water temperature is suitable for swimming from May to October. Two beaches: Ploce and Kostanj have the status of "Blue flag".

Glavanovo and Igraliste beaches delight vacationers with pebbles and clear water. And the beach of Sablicevo is located in the heart of the city.

Rijeka — The Largest Port in Croatia


Despite the fact that the city of Rijeka has a small territory, this did not prevent it from becoming a major railway hub. Local residents and tourists have the opportunity to travel by train to Budapest, Zagreb, as well as to Slovenia and other cities in Croatia. There are buses and taxis here. Tourists on the streets of the city are often invited to take part in excursions to these beautiful and historical places.

You can take a ferry from the port of Rijeka to the ancient town of Split, Stari Grad, as well as to Korcula or Mljet. The trip will be quite long, so you need to think about other possible options.

Other Islands of the Adriatic Sea can be visited either by boat or by ferry.

Rijeka — The Largest Port in Croatia

Hotels and restaurants in Rijeka

Despite the fact that the town of Rijeka is very ancient, it is a business center. There are many hotels and hostels in the city where tourists can find a place to live. A modest place in an inexpensive hostel will cost travelers about 40 euros. The price of a room in a 3-star hotel starts from 50 euros. But you can also find luxury apartments for which you need to pay at least 100 euros per day for two. The cost for accommodation usually does not include meals.

There are many restaurants and cafes on the territory of the port city of Croatia. Prices for dishes are different. A standard nutritious meal in the restaurant will cost the tourist about 15 euros, if you do not order culinary masterpieces. To save on food, it is better to go to a family tavern or diner.

Dalmatian cuisine is famous all over the world. Here you can try many fine seafood dishes and the famous roast meat with prunes.

Rijeka — The Largest Port in Croatia

What to see in Rijeka?

Rijeka is an ancient city that was built during the Roman Empire. Many historical buildings have survived to the present day:

  • The oldest Trsat castle, which was built in the XIII century
  • Not far from this majestic castle is the Church of Our Lady
  • In the city center, tourists can visit the Cathedral of St. Vitus
  • The Walls of the Palace of the Governor of Rijeka, built with neo-Renaissance elements in the XIX century, contain unique historical values
  • Capuchin Church – a modern Gothic building decorated with frescoes by Romolo Venucci
  • The main gate that used to lead to Rijeka is almost completely destroyed. Only the old city tower remains

Tourists should not stop to view the sights of the city of Rijeka only. The neighboring settlements are no less interesting. Vacationers are recommended to visit the city of Kastav, where large-scale summer festivals are held. There is also a medieval castle and several beautiful churches.

Just 30 km from the port city is the village of Moschenice. Its territory also has many ancient churches and stunningly picturesque nature.

Rijeka — The Largest Port in Croatia


For those who came to Rijeka for a yacht holiday, there are many opportunities. You can rent a yacht not only in Rijeka, but also in the neighboring coastal cities of Croatia. You can only get to the most beautiful places of the country by sea. Croatia is considered an ideal place for yachting. There are many Islands near the Adriatic coast. Stops can be made not only in wild bays, but also near the coast of any resort town in Croatia. To reach them, tourists book group cruises or rent a yacht. The rental price depends on the size of the vessel, the number of seats, and the availability of various amenities.

Those who are going to manage a yacht in Rijeka on their own should be aware of the constant wind. In this region, it can dramatically strengthen to a storm in just half an hour. The most favorable time for yachting is considered to be July and August.

In May, June and September, the climate conditions are slightly less comfortable, but professionals will be able to manage it at this time.

Rijeka — The Largest Port in Croatia

Yachting in Croatia is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature and relax in beautiful places. In addition to yacht holidays, there are many interesting tourist places to visit in Rijeka. On the streets of the ancient town you can find not only modern buildings, but also ancient buildings. Their condition allows vacationers to touch the history. Once the port of Rijeka was the only one on the Adriatic coast. It still retains its status as the most important port in the region.

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