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Three Islands — All of Croatia

How do I find out all of Croatia in one boat trip? Take a trip from Pula to the Islands of Krk, Losinj and Cres.

In Croatia, there are many interesting yacht routes available to travelers, one of the most exciting – Pula of Croatia Istria -Cres-Krk-Losinj. Each of these places has its own special nature and attractions, combining which you can see Croatia in all its glory.


Learn more about the route

The best time to travel around the Islands near Pula is from May to October inclusive. In May and October, the air temperature is kept at +19-20℃, and the hottest months will be July and August – +28-30℃. The water temperature warms up the most in July and August – 26℃. The coldest sea is observed in May-17℃. It is better to plan your trip for the summer.

Before you travel, it will be useful to learn about the main geographical points of the route:

  • Istria is the largest Peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. Most of it is occupied by Croatia. Small parts adjacent to the mainland belong to Italy and Slovenia. Almost all cities on the Peninsula of Istra Croatia are located on the sea coast. One of these cities is Pula
  • Pula is the largest resort Istria, where about 60,000 people live. The area is 51.6 km2. Exact coordinates: 44°52' N. L. 13°50' E. L. Pula is located in the South of the Peninsula and is one of the most popular resort cities in Croatia
  • Cres is an island in the Adriatic Sea with an area of 405.78 km2 (44°57'37" N. L. 14°24'29" E. L.). It is one of the largest Islands in Croatia
  • Krk is another large island in Croatia, with an area almost equal to that of Cres. Coordinates: 45°04'44" N. L. 14°36'03" E. L.
  • Losinj-the area of the island is only 74.68 km2, but tourists come here for less than on the larger Islands. Coordinates: 44°35'12" N. L. 14°24'28" E. L.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

The yacht is moored

A sea trip from Pula to the Islands of Cres, Krk, Losinj will take no more than a week, if you do not go to the cities on the coast of the Peninsula. In Pula, you can rent a yacht at ACI Marina Pula, which is located a short walk from the city center. There are 213 berths.

You can drive away from Pula 3 kilometers to the South and get to the largest yacht Marina in Istria with 630 seats – Veruda. The nearest airport is 10 km away. Bunarina is a Marina located on the other side of the Bay from the Veruda Parking lot. Bunarina is designed for 500 seats.

To travel around Croatia, you can rent a motor boat, catamaran or sailboat. When renting, you should pay special attention to sailing yachts and gulets.

Three Islands — All of Croatia


Istria Island is a small city with Venetian buildings, great opportunities for beach activities in cozy bays and beautiful nature. There are large forests of pines, oaks, and elms everywhere.

Apart from Pula, the most popular cities in Croatia Istra are considered to be:

  • Porech: ruins of the temples of Mars and Neptune, Eurasian Basilica. Most of the houses are made in the Venetian style
  • Rovinj: the Church of Saint Euphemia Cathedral, lookout, nature reserve Zlatni rat
  • Monoton: picturesque views with truffle forests
  • Groznjan – a city full of shops with Handicrafts, art galleries, and other institutions

These are not all interesting places that are significant for the history of Istria, but the most notable among them will still be Pula.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

Beauty of ancient Pula

First of all, tourists usually go for a sightseeing walk around the city, all the key historical places can be bypassed on foot.

In this city you will find:

  • Roman amphitheater, built in the first century ad. It is called the Croatian "Colosseum" – during the Roman Empire, it was one of the largest. Its capacity is 23,000 people. This is not only an architectural monument, but also a place for major concerts
  • Temple of Augustus – ancient Roman temple
  • Roman forum. Concerts are also held here because of the good acoustics
  • Golden gate – ancient Roman arch
  • St. Nicholas Church – a sixth-century Byzantine Basilica
  • Kastel fortress (XVII century) - Venetian fortress

This diversity of Roman architecture is due to the important role of the city of Pula during the Roman Empire. Here was the largest port of Istria, whose importance was not only commercial, but also strategic. It was the same during the Republic of Venice.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

Active recreation and entertainment

Before going to the Istria beaches, you need to prepare well and take comfortable shoes. The beaches in Pula are only rocky and pebbly, so barefoot or in thin-soled shoes will be uncomfortable. Each beach is equipped for recreation. If there is no gentle approach to the sea, concrete steps will always be provided.

The beach infrastructure is developed perfectly, cleanliness is maintained very carefully, so all the beaches are marked "Blue flag".

It is worth paying attention to such beaches as:

  • Stinjan. Nearby there is a large sports field and the largest diving center in the city. The diving season in Pula lasts from May to October
  • Standing-the closest beach to the city center. Despite this, this beach is one of the least crowded, it is favored by fans of sailing
  • Brioni. Since there are many beach activities available and there is a small amusement Park very close by, this place is most loved by families with children
  • Medulin is a few of the beaches located very close to each other. All nudist

Diving in the Adriatic Sea is good because it will be interesting for professionals and beginners. The best place for first dives is the suburb of Pula, Verudela. The depth here is small, but it is enough to see a beautiful reef and sea animals. There are many caves, tunnels, and rakes in the area.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

Croatian Islands

Nature lovers and scenic walkers will enjoy a trip to the nearest national Park, which is located on the tiny Brioni Islands. The trip will become more exciting if you include a visit to the Croatian Islands of Cres, Krk and Losinj in your itinerary.

Three Islands — All of Croatia


There are several villages on the island, the largest localities are Osor, Merag and Cres. The last city is the most popular, here you will find:

  • Triple gate in the Old city
  • Monasteries (Benedictine and Franciscan)
  • Arsan-Patrice Palace
  • Lapidarium Museum with Boulder slab

The beaches consist of small pebbles, they are located in secluded bays. Fans of Hiking or Cycling on the island of Cres will love it. Along the way you will be able to see the huge fields and forests, hills, rivers and lakes.

The island offers excellent diving and Windsurfing opportunities. Fairs, music festivals and holidays are often held here.

Three Islands — All of Croatia


The island of Krk contains all the best of Croatia and its culture.

Resort towns on Krka:

  • Malinska and the resort of Haludovo, where mostly young people relax, as there are many bars, places for dancing, excellent beaches (the main one is Rupa) and maximum opportunities for active recreation on water and land
  • Pate. In this city are concentrated the monuments of different eras of European culture, for example, the Bašćanska plate. In addition to churches, cathedrals and museums, there are large sandy beaches

Punat is the largest port on the island. In the city of Solin, it is better to go to those who like to play sports in the fresh air, as there are many playgrounds equipped here. And all this is surrounded by dense forests, rocks, reservoirs, plantations of grapes and olives.

Three Islands — All of Croatia


Losinj Croatia is a place for recreational recreation since the Venetian times.

Island cities:

  • Tourist Mali-Losinj
  • Quiet Veli Lošinj

There are many beaches here – there are pebbly, sandy and wild. All tourist beaches are equipped, there are special places for diving and trips on catamarans. It is best to move between the beaches and around the island by Bicycle.

On the island is the Church of St. Martin (XV century) and the Church of St. Nicholas (XIX century).

Three Islands — All of Croatia


To find out the geography of the country, you need to look at the beauty of nature around. To understand the history of the state-see the ruins of ancient buildings, monuments, art objects. But to understand the people, you need to know about their language, creativity, cuisine, and other cultural features.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

National cuisine

In the Pool dominates the Istrian and Italian cuisine. Popular seafood dishes, meat is usually smoked or dried. In addition to restaurants with local cuisine, on the Croatian Islands you can find pizzerias, bistros, kiosks with Italian doughnuts and ice cream. Each restaurant offers a rich selection of wine. In Pula, you should try white coffee, which is served in milk.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

What to take as a souvenir

Interesting Souvenirs are sold in Pula and on the nearby Islands:

  • Lace tablecloths
  • Coral jewelry
  • Figures made of different types of wood
  • Jeweller ornament

In Pula, pay attention to the tapestries (handmade) – this is the most popular souvenir.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

Also, tourists usually bring products such as:

  • Sheep cheese
  • Nuts in honey
  • Coniferous honey
  • Maraschino Liqueur
  • Croatian coffee-white and black with ground chocolate

Croatian wine is very delicious, especially "Slivovica", "Travarica, about Istria Islands reviews of tourists confirm this.

Three Islands — All of Croatia

Memo to the traveler

All travelers to the Istrian Peninsula and the Islands of Cres, Krk and Losinj will find it useful to know that:

  • It is more profitable to travel on a yacht than to travel on tourist ferries and buses. Yacht holidays are very common here, and you can rent a boat very cheaply
  • There are no large stores in Poole or on the Islands. The main types of recreation are nature walks and yacht trips
  • Picnics and camping are welcome, but only in permitted locations
  • On the island of Krk, be sure to buy olive oil – the best in the Adriatic
  • The locals are very hospitable and love tourists, especially those who know a few words of Croatian

Three Islands — All of Croatia

A yacht tour from Pula to the Islands of Cres, Krk, Losinj is a great opportunity to learn the main things about Croatia and make an impression about this country in one short, but very rich trip. Here you will find everything – active sports, beaches, noisy and quiet cities, ancient Croatian culture and history.

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