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Yacht Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet

Yacht trip from Dubrovnik, yacht charter, routes. Sights and beaches of the city. Interesting places on the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet.

Dubrovnik is an ancient city, an important port and resort in the South of Croatia. It attracts tourists with its ancient architecture and rich history, which dates back to the VII century. Dubrovnik is also a major yachting center of the country, where many yachtsmen start their journey. From Dubrovnik it is convenient to go to Korčula Island, the island of Mljet, Lastovo. Island Korcula Croatia locals call "Dubrovnik in miniature". Of all the Islands, it is the most populated. Dubrovnik is a modern city with a developed infrastructure, a large selection of entertainment venues and clean beaches.


Geography and climate

Dubrovnik is located in the Central Dalmatia region on the Adriatic Sea. It is located in the South of Croatia, near the border with Montenegro. The airport is 20 km away from the city. It accepts planes from European capitals and major cities, and charters are served during the tourist season. There is no railway connection. There is a bus station where buses go to Split, Rijeka, Sarajevo, and Zagreb. Passenger ferries run from the port of Dubrovnik to Split, Rijeka, and the Elaphite Islands, and there is a regular connection to the island of Mljet.

It is better to start your trip from Dubrovnik due to the proximity of the airport and a large selection of Charter companies.

Most yachtsmen prefer sailing yachts. They have good maneuverability and do not depend on fuel reserves, and the stable winds of the Adriatic allow you to develop a good speed. Catamarans and Croatia motor yachts are also available in country.

Yacht Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet

There is no equipped parking for yachts on the territory of the cruise port, only cruise liners and fishing boats are served there. The largest Marina is ACI marina Dubrovnik. She had removed from the Old town and is located on the banks of the river Dubrovacka. You can get to the city center by bus or taxi. On the territory of the Marina are based offices of Charter companies, where you can rent a yacht without a crew if you have an international certificate of skipper. At the service of yachtsmen: electricity, Internet, water, shop, fuel.

Dubrovnik is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. Winter on the coast is mild but rainy, most of the precipitation falls between November and January. There are 13-15 rainy days per month. There is almost no snow here, and if it does fall, it will completely melt in a few hours. The average temperature in winter is 9-11°C. Summer is hot and dry, the thermometer rises to 26-28°C, in August this figure exceeds 30°C.

In the summer months, the sea warms up to 23-25°C, the beach season lasts from May to September. There are up to 260 Sunny days per year.

Yacht Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet

Vacation in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an interesting city with ancient sights that are worth seeing before or after your trip. The locals say: "if you haven't seen Dubrovnik, you haven't seen Croatia." Cultural monuments are concentrated in the Old town, where the spirit of the Middle Ages still hovers. You should start exploring the city by walking along the pedestrian Stradun Street. The best restaurants, shops, and souvenir shops are located on it. Here you will see the fortress walls that protected the city for 7 centuries. Everyone can climb them and enjoy the beautiful panorama. Other places of interest are Lodge square and St. Peter's Church. Blaise, the Sponza Palace, the Dominican monastery, and Onofrio's fountain.

Not far from Dubrovnik is the Srdj Mountain, where you can climb for free on foot, or use the funicular. From the height, you can enjoy views of the city and the coast. Dubrovnik has shopping centers, restaurants, and night clubs.

In the village of Trsteno is the oldest Botanical garden in the Balkans arboretum, its creation falls on the XV century. The main attraction of the garden is an ancient aqueduct and two 500-year-old plane trees. Dubrovnik attracts divers as well. The warm Adriatic Sea is famous for its rich underwater world, often there are fragments of sunken ships from different eras. Visibility under water reaches 50 meters. Permission is required for self-immersion. It is issued in dive centers after presenting a foreign passport and a diver's certificate.

Most of the beaches in the city have a pebble beach, or are equipped with a concrete platform with special ladders for launching into the water. Banje public beach is located near the old town gate. It is divided into paid and free territories. To the West is Dance beach. It is suitable for those who can swim well — almost immediately after entering the sea, the bottom breaks off. Copacabana beach is located in the Northern part of the city. Leisure facilities include a volleyball court, catamaran rental, banana and water skiing. In the evening, the beach turns into an open-air disco. Sveti Yakov beach is remote from the city center, but there is no crowding. Boats, catamarans, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent.

Yacht Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet

Interesting route

Renting a yacht gives you independence from guides, traffic schedules and other circumstances. After exploring Dubrovnik, you should go to the island of Korcula, Lastovo and Mljet-picturesque Islands with clean beaches, covered with dense coniferous and citrus groves. Croatia Korcula is the largest of the southern Islands. The main attractions are located in the capital of the same name – St. Mark's Cathedral, the Marco Polo Museum, the Fortress walls, the Bishop's Palace, and the icon Museum. Water sports enthusiasts come to the village of Lumbarda, and you can improve your health and recuperate in the mud resorts of Vela Luki. There are many public beaches on the island, and for a quiet holiday in privacy, you can moor in a wild Bay. Equipped Parking lots can be found in the cities of Korcula and Vela Luka.

Mljet Island Croatia is a picturesque and eco-friendly place for a relaxing holiday. Tourists are waiting for neat villages, clean beaches, wild bays with grottoes and rocks. In the Western part of the island is national Park "Mljetska of the lake." It includes two salt lakes (Large and Small), karst caves, pine groves, Hiking trails and bike paths. In the middle of a Large lake there is an island on which the Benedictine monastery and the Church of St. Nicholas are located. Maries. To find a place for Parking in the Bay of Polac.

There are no night clubs or children's entertainment on the island. Mljet is more suitable for lovers of peaceful recreation and water sports (diving, surfing, Windsurfing).

Lastovo Croatia is one of the most remote Islands from the Croatian mainland. Thanks to this, it has preserved its wildlife and identity, and since 2006 it has become part of the protected area. The coast is mostly steep, in the South there is a Bay of Scrivena Luka, which is the village and equipped beaches. The island has preserved ancient temple Seismische Blaise, the Cathedral of Saints Cosmas and Damian, the chapel of St. John. The karst caves of Medjen and Raca are popular among the natural attractions. Lastovo is connected by bridge with the island of Piero, which is a cozy village. You can dock in Velji Lago Bay. It is equipped with Parking for yachts and is protected from wind and high waves.

Yacht Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet

Local color

In the middle Ages, Dubrovnik was the only strong competitor of Venice in the struggle for supremacy on the Adriatic. The culture of the region was formed under the influence of Italy. On the island of Korcula still perform the knight's dance "moreska", which in the XV century was popular in the Mediterranean. You can see it in the capital every summer. Korcula remains the oldest wine-making center in the Adriatic. Since ancient times, grapes have been grown here and the famous wine "Posip" and "Grk" are produced.

On the island of Lastovo preserved fumars of the XVII century. These are unusual chimneys that resemble minarets. They have not lost their relevance in the XXI century. Until now, every owner tries to make a beautiful and original fumar on their home to surprise tourists and neighbors. In January, the folk festival Poklad is celebrated here. In addition to the usual dances and processions in national costumes, it is accompanied by an exotic rite. Under the roar of firecrackers, a doll is lowered on a rope and solemnly burned. According to legend, in ancient times, the island was attacked by pirates, and one of them persistently persuaded the inhabitants to surrender. The islanders began to pray to Saint George, and after that a storm broke out on the sea, destroying the pirate sailboats. The leader of the pirates was lowered from the mountain by the inhabitants on a rope.

The basis of traditional dishes of South Dalmatia is seafood and lamb. You can treat yourself to oysters with a glass of local wine. The menu of many establishments includes green minestra-soup with cabbage and dried meat. Dubrovnik's signature dessert is rosata. This is a dessert made according to an old recipe with the addition of rose syrup, which resembles an Austrian strudel. Gibanica — layer cake with apples, poppy seeds and cream cheese, generously sprinkled with cinnamon.

As gastronomic Souvenirs, prshut (dried ham), local cheeses, and wine are in demand.

Yacht Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet

Travel tip

Dubrovnik is a safe city with a low crime rate. As with all resorts, you should beware of pickpockets in public places. For walking around the Old city, you should take comfortable shoes — the paving stones are sometimes very slippery, which causes inconvenience when walking.

The high season is in the summer months. During this period, prices are as high as possible, beaches and streets are crowded with tourists. If you want to save money and combine a yacht trip with a swim in the sea, it is better to come in May or September. Take special Slippers with you to avoid hurting your feet on rocks and protect yourself from sea urchins. In winter, it is also possible to travel by yacht in Croatia. Until the beginning of spring, the Adriatic is dominated by Bora, a treacherous wind that drives away storm waves. Beginners are not recommended to go to sea without a skipper.

An important point for divers is that it is forbidden to lift anything from the bottom during the dive.

Yacht Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Islands of Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet

Dubrovnik is one of the best resorts in Croatia with a developed infrastructure and a lot of opportunities for interesting pastime. The maze of narrow streets of the Old city has preserved the atmosphere of the middle Ages. Young people will appreciate a large selection of bars and night clubs where you can have fun until dawn. Yachtsmen prefer not to stay in the city, but to continue their journey along the coast or visit the Islands. Usually tourists go to the Islands of Korcula, Mljet, Lastovo. These are amazing places with beautiful nature and clean ecology. Usually Charter companies rent yachts for a week, this is enough time to get acquainted with the Islands and return to Dubrovnik.

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