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The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

Egypt's yacht marinas are located on the coasts of two seas — the Mediterranean and the red. The marinas offer: water and electricity, fuel station, service center, currency exchange, shops and cafes.

Egypt is called a country of two continents, because its Western part is located in the North of Africa, and the Eastern part affects a section of the Sinai Peninsula. In the North, Egypt has access to the Mediterranean Sea, and in the South — to the Red sea. The two waters are connected by the Suez Canal, which was opened to navigation in 1869. Yacht tourism in Egypt is not as widespread as in Europe. There are two reasons for this: restrictions on government programs and an undeveloped tourist infrastructure. However, there are still 14 comfortable yacht berths, 9 of which are located on the Red sea, and the remaining 5 – on the Mediterranean.


About marinas in Egypt

Most yachtsmen cross the Suez Canal to cross from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean and back. Only a few of them choose to visit Egypt. The main seaports in Egypt are located on different sides of the Suez canal-Suez on the red sea coast and Port Said on the Mediterranean coast.

Of particular interest to yachtsmen is the Red sea, the section from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese border. The coast is cut by picturesque bays and reef formations, where travelers explore the depths of the sea on various diving Safari routes. It is most convenient to leave the yacht at the Parking lot for visiting the Egyptian land in Safaga and Hurghada. It is worth remembering that a private vessel must be supervised – in Egypt, cases of theft are not uncommon.

In General, yacht tourism in the country is actively developing, and the infrastructure is improving every day. This is confirmed by the recent opening of new marinas for private vessels, such as Abu Tig and Port Ghalib Marinas.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

Port Ghalib Marinas

Port Ghalib Marina is located on the red sea coast, in the southern part of the coast of Marsa Alam. This is the first stop on the way of yachtsmen going from the red sea to the Mediterranean. The Marina is 5 km from Marsa Alam international airport and a short drive from the city center. Coordinates of Port Ghalib Marinas: 25°32’0 " N 34°38’8'E.

The Marina, which has been in operation since 2002, can accommodate 1,000 yachts at a time. At the service of yachtsmen-organized berths with electricity and water supply, laundries, points with diving equipment, banking services. There is a customs and migration Department, repair service, gas station, and services of experienced captains. There are many restaurants, shops and entertainment options within a kilometer of Port Ghalib Marina.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

Abu Tig Marina

Abu TIG Marina is located on the Red sea, on the Northern coast of El Gouna. The international airports in Egypt in Hurghada is located 36 kilometers from the Marina. The Abu Tig Marina coordinates: 27°24’37’N 33°40’43'E.

Abu TIG Marina is considered one of the most expensive places in El Gouna. Services: electricity and fresh water, fuel filling. Nearby-hotels, shops, hospitals, schools, restaurants, Golf course. At the same time, the Marina can accommodate up to 300 vessels ranging in length from 6 to 80 meters.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

Port Said

Port Said Marina is located in the Mediterranean Sea, in the North of the city of the same name. This is one of the most visited ports. Here come those who plan to cross the Suez Canal to get to the red sea. Port Said coordinates: 31°16’12’N 32°19’6'E.

The Port Said Marina can accommodate 150 yachts with a maximum length of up to 20 meters at a time. There is all the infrastructure for yachtsmen — water and electricity supply of berths, gas station, Laundry, shower, shops, repair service. Here you can not only rent a yacht, but also buy it.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

Infrastructure of Egyptian marinas

  • Beaches. The coast of Egypt is characterized by reef diversity. In Alexandria there are sandy public beaches, in Hurghada-gentle sandy beaches, in Sharm El-Sheikh there are beaches only in the Bay of Sharm El-Maya. In the bays of Nabq, sharks Bay is a very rich coral underwater world;
  • Shopping opportunities. Shopping in Egypt is more souvenir than branded. At each of the resorts sold a lot of statues of ancient gods. Unique Egyptian products — carpets, papyrus, jewelry, hookahs, cotton fabrics;
  • Transport. It is convenient to travel between cities in Egypt by train and bus. The latter option is the most economical. It is better to travel the distance between cities on the domestic airline EgyptAir;
  • Communication and Internet. Wi-Fi is available everywhere, and the signal is of high quality. Some hotels offer Internet access for a fee;
  • Currency and language. It is more profitable to pay in the country with the local currency-the Egyptian pound. The language of communication is Egyptian, English, and Russian.

It is not possible to rent a yacht in Egypt without a crew, only vessels with a captain are offered. Yachts are actively used for diving safaris in the Red sea. Sailing yachts in Egypt are not available for rent, but it is not forbidden to sail in the country's waters on your own yacht.

Yachting is developing slowly in Egypt due to government policies that protect the red sea reef ecosystem. Despite this, you can not only cross the basins of the Egyptian seas, but also try to get permission to pass through the waters of the Nile to explore the interior of Egypt.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

Hotels and restaurants nearby

In Egypt best hotels assume the presence of 4-5*. There are three-star hotels of a good level, but there are not many of them. Large hotels are often located in the suburbs of major resorts, on the first line of the coast. The largest concentration of prestigious hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada.

There are urban hotels in Alexandria, but there are almost no hotels in El Gouna or Makadi Bay. There are several types of meals available — Breakfast, Breakfast and dinner, and All-inclusive. The best hotels in Egypt 5 stars, where tourists often recommend to settle – Sunrise Montemare Resort 5*, Djorff Palace 5*, Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle 5*, Rixos Premium Seagate 5*.

You can have a snack or a big lunch in one of the Egyptian restaurants. Egyptian resorts offer tourists a variety of options - from cheap cafes to high-end restaurants.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

What to do

All marinas in Egypt attract yachtsmen because of their proximity to the country's historical districts and cities, the opportunity to travel through the waters of several seas, scuba dive on the territory of one of the world's best reef formations, and engage in exciting fishing.

You can book excursions Egypt by land, with visits to the main attractions — the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and the temples of Luxor. In addition to the famous pyramids, temples and ancient structures, the country is interesting for oases, nature reserves and Oriental bazaars.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

Holiday season on the coast of Egypt

The coast of Egypt is in high tourist demand during the May, New Year and November holidays. Most people go to Mediterranean Sea Egypt in the fall and early spring. The climate is comfortable throughout the year. One of the best Egypt sea is a red sea, the average annual water temperature is +25-27°C.

A favorable period for beach holidays coincides with the time for yacht trips and scuba diving. February is the only cold month of the year that is not recommended for sea trips. At this time, strong winds blow, and the water temperature drops to +15°C. July and August are also not very suitable for recreation, because the air temperature can reach +50°C.

The Largest Yacht Marinas in Egypt

While sailing along the red and Mediterranean coasts, experience the excitement of diving into the depths of the water, swim on the best Egyptian beaches, taste local cuisine and take time to travel to UNESCO sites.

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