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Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

Yachting in the red sea of Egypt: General information about the region, yacht Parking, excursions, entertainment, attractions, traditions, cuisine, climate, tips.

Egypt is a country with an ancient history, amazing sights and excellent conditions for family holidays. The Red Sea coast Egypt is very picturesque, as if it was created for yachting and sea cruises. Sailing in this region will give you the opportunity to explore interesting places of the country, relax on the wonderful beaches, go diving and explore the rich underwater Red Sea.


General information

Egypt is located on two continents separated by the Suez Canal. The total territory of the country is more than 1001 thousand square kilometers, the population is 100704 thousand people (2019). In Asia, Egypt owns only the Sinai Peninsula, with an area of no more than 61 thousand square kilometers. The rest of the country is located on the African continent.

The official language in the country is Arabic, but in hotels, restaurants and other public places, the staff speaks English. The currency is the Egyptian pound. The Egyptian Red Sea has borders with Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and in the Gulf of Aqaba – with Israel and Jordan.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Red sea holidays Egypt. The country has a tropical climate. It has dry, hot summers and warm winters. In July and August, the temperature can rise above 40-50°C, and the water warms up to 30°C. The average temperature is 35°C in summer and 20°C in winter. In winter, the temperature decreases in the evening, and there are light frosts and precipitation in the mountains. It is better to book a yacht for April and October.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

A trip on a yacht

Thousands of cargo and passenger ships pass through the Suez Canal every year. Yachts and liners travel from the Mediterranean to the Red sea, and then out to the Indian Ocean. The picturesque Red Sea coast with its cozy coves, clean beaches and amazing underwater world is worth a separate yacht cruise.

A cruise or a short boat trip allows you to enjoy your holidays to Red Sea. You can relax on the beaches of famous resorts, stop at any place for diving or go on a trip to the interior of the country to explore its rich cultural heritage.

Crewed yachts and special diving boats can be rented in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh. You can dock at the ports of Safaga, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Hurghada. In recent years, Egypt has begun to create comfortable marinas for yachts, usually they are located near major resorts. These sites include: Port Ghalib Marinas and Abu Tig.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

Excursions and entertainment

From various resorts, you can arrange bus or air trips to Cairo and Luxor, where you can visit the pyramids and museums, solve the mysteries of the pharaohs, and see the incredible treasures of Ancient Egypt. There are excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh to Jerusalem, Petra.

About the largest resort in Hurghada Egypt reviews of tourist confirm the high level of service and comfort, a variety of entertainment. There are night clubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, discos, and beach parties. Especially interesting are the entertainment centers-palaces in the Eastern style "1001 nights". They regularly host shows with national dances, performances of circus artists, scenes from the history of Ancient Egypt. Sharm El-Sheikh has two major water parks and a Dolphinarium.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

Outdoor activity

Colorful coral reefs, unusual marine life, a huge variety of fish species (more than 1000) - all this attracts diving enthusiasts on the red sea coast. All resorts have diving centers where you can rent the necessary equipment and receive training under the guidance of experienced instructors. Scuba diving in a tourist submarine can be arranged. Natural attractions near Sharm El-Sheikh are considered to be among the most interesting in Egypt: The Ras Mohammed nature reserve, the Blue hole (Abu Galum), the island of Tirana and many others.

For surfing, the best Egyptian Red Sea resorts are Hurghada and Safaga, for Windsurfing-Safaga and El Gouna. Kitesurfing is very popular in Egypt.

Fishing is allowed in some cities of the country. In Safaga there is a chance to catch exotic fish. A trip through the desert dunes will give you an unforgettable experience. They are offered in different versions: Quad bikes, camels, horses.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt


In Egypt Red Sea beaches are divided into sandy and coral. The sand is mostly artificial, with a few exceptions. It happens that the surface of the beach is sandy, and the bottom is coral. You must wear special rubber shoes.

In Sharm El-Sheikh, most of the beaches are coral, the descent into the water is quite steep. In the Bay of Sharm El-Maya, there is a natural sandy beach with a gentle descent into the water. Some Egyptian beaches are famous for their extensive shallows.

Near Sharm El-Sheikh are Taba and Nuweiba – resorts with excellent sandy beaches and a gentle descent into the water. There are sandy beaches in Hurghada. In the old part of the city, the depth near the shore is great for swimming, in the new areas of Hurghada it can be very shallow, you need to walk a long time to a suitable depth. El Gouna has good artificial sandy beaches with a convenient descent. Safaga is one of the best balneological resorts in the country. The sand of this resort is considered healing.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt


The Sinai Peninsula is home to several unique nature reserves with rich flora and fauna. The most famous of them is Ras Mohammed. It is 25 km from Sharm El-Sheikh. It is more convenient to take a bus tour. Be sure to visit the mangrove grove and the magical Bay that fulfills your wishes. Several documentaries are dedicated to the unique beauty of the colorful coral reefs and the unique underwater world of this Park.

Divers will appreciate the picturesque depths and rare marine life of the Blue Hole Reserve (Abu Galum). 150 km from Sharm El-Sheikh, there is a five-kilometer Color canyon that impresses with a whimsical variety of shapes and a palette of colors of steep cliffs.

The Sinai Peninsula is interesting for its ancient Orthodox shrines and temples. This is where many of the events described in the Bible took place.

From Sharm El-Sheikh, it is convenient to go to Mount Sinai (mount Moses), 2285 m high, where, according to legend, God appeared to Moses and handed over the tablets with the 10 commandments. At the same time, you can visit the monastery of St. Nicholas. Catherine (IV century ad). For those who want to meet the dawn on the mountain and let go of their sins, such trips are organized at night, you have to climb in complete darkness for about 10 km on the mountain. From the height, you can enjoy a magical view. On the descent from mount Moses is the cave temple of the prophet Elijah.

In Hurghada, the area of El-Dahar is interesting – the Old city with ancient streets. The Coptic Church (1922) is a Church of Coptic Orthodox Christians whose architecture combines Arab, European, Islamic and Christian elements. Near Hurghada are the monasteries of St. Nicholas. St. Paul and St. Antony.

The modern mosques of El Mina in Hurghada (1968) and El Mustafa (2006) in Sharm El-Sheikh are very beautiful. They look especially impressive in the evening with lighting. A bit like Venice, the Egyptian city of El Gouna is a cozy and romantic resort near Hurghada. Canoes, boats, and yachts travel around the city.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

Traditions and holidays

The local population is very religious. At the call of the muezzin, everyone leaves their work and prays. The rules of Islam forbid eating pork, drinking alcohol, and oblige women to wear closed clothing. Many people wear national clothing: men-long white shirts, women-black hijab. The Egyptians are slow in business, benevolent, and superstitious. They are afraid of the evil eye because of praise, they wear themselves and hang talismans and amulets in the premises.

Ramadan is celebrated in September. During the day, the streets are quiet – everything freezes. During the day, Muslims are forbidden to eat food, and in the evening, a feast and fun begins. In autumn, the birthday of the prophet Muhammad is celebrated-Mawlid. The streets are decorated with lanterns, dervish processions are held. These days, it is customary to actively engage in charity work. In the country, celebrating religious and secular holidays. They celebrate the traditional New Year, and then the Copts celebrate Christian Christmas. At the end of January comes the time of the Islamic New year.

At the end of April, the international yoga festival is held. In March-sports Day, mother's Day, Coptic Easter. Romantic spring holiday-sham-El-Nessim, when it is customary to give flowers and sweets, go on picnics. Fishing contests are popular in Hurghada. Holidays dedicated to historical events are widely celebrated.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

National cuisine

The cuisine of Egypt has a lot in common with the culinary traditions of other countries of the African continent: the use of pork is prohibited, the basis of dishes are vegetables and cereals, various sauces and spices are actively used. Meat dishes are extremely refined and varied. Great attention is paid to the aroma of spices. Bread is replaced by tortillas. The main meal is dinner, because the day is very hot and hunger wakes up only in the evening.

Couscous, stew, skewered lamb, grilled fish are popular. Worth a try:

  • "ful medames" - beans stewed with onion, garlic and olive oil
  • fatta-festive meat broth with rice, beef, fried eggs and bread
  • pilaf with mushrooms and chicken liver
  • mahshi-stuffed pigeon
  • Cairo chicken
  • "molokhia" from chicken meat, jute leaves and spices

You should definitely try Egyptian sweets: halva, baklava, nuts in sugar, Turkish delight, kunafa, basbousa pie.

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

Travel tip

  • Women are advised to wear more formal clothing outside the beach and not respond to strangers ' greetings
  • Drink only bottled water
  • It is better to leave valuables and documents in the safe
  • You cannot take with you pieces and fragments of coral, stones from historical sites
  • Haggling is common in markets and small stores
  • When riding on camels, please note that you will be charged an additional fee for the descent
  • Always check the price before taking a taxi or bus
  • Do not drink alcohol in public places. During Ramadan, you can only eat indoors

Yacht Cruise on the Red Sea of Egypt

A yacht trip in the red sea of Egypt will allow you to relax in the best resorts of the country, see many man-made and natural wonders of world significance in one trip. You only need to rent a suitable yacht!

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