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Yachting on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

Yachting and boat trips in the Northern part of Egypt. Where to go and what to see first?

All those who want to relax in the "land of the pyramids", cast their eyes towards the red sea. They are right – this region is truly unique. But what to do for those who have already visited this place more than once and want new impressions of this amazing country? You need to arrange Mediterranean holiday of Egypt! I must say that in Egypt Mediterranean Sea is in the shadow of the red: there are few flights here, the resorts are not too advertised, and only a few of the travelers will remember at least a couple of local names. However, the Egyptians themselves prefer these resorts to all others. Residents of Cairo and Alexandria are particularly warm to their home and native places of rest.


General information about yachting in the Mediterranean Sea of Egypt

Egypt is an Arab country in North-East Africa, located between Libya and Israel. Its area stretches for 2900 km. Vast areas of Egypt are occupied by desert plains. Popular fishing villages and Egypt Mediterranean resorts are located along the coast. The Western desert, extending west from the Nile Delta, is a high-altitude area with various forms of desert landscape. The Eastern desert is an area east of the Nile valley that stretches along the shores of the red sea. Apart from the Nile, there are no full-flowing rivers, there are only small streams, whose dry channels are called ueds.

The emerald-colored Mediterranean Sea washes the coast of Egypt to the North. The water temperature in this region is a couple of degrees lower than in the red sea resorts. The holiday season runs from April to October. In summer, the air temperature reaches +30°C, and in winter it ranges from +17-20°C.

The warm sea is not the only reason why travelers from all over the world come here. Such quiet, sparsely populated and hidden resorts as Mersa Matruh, Port said and El Alamein annually welcome hundreds of tourists who want to ride on the sand dunes, see ancient buildings, taste national dishes – porridge, baked meat, baklava and semolina cake, as well as real thick black coffee.

Egypt is the cradle of one of the world's oldest civilizations. It was on the banks of the Nile that culture emerged, the inventions of which are known to mankind to this day. Already several thousand years before our era, the Egyptians were able to calculate the fields of geometric shapes that they used in the construction of pyramids.

Life in Ancient Egypt was made possible by the annual flooding of the river, which fertilized the soil. Ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs who were credited with divine origin. The Arabization and Islamization of the country took place over many years. In the 16th century, Egypt became a province of the Ottoman Empire. The second half of the nineteenth century was a period of rivalry between England and France for Egyptian possessions, and during the First World War the country was under the protectorate of England. It was not until 1922 that Egypt was declared an independent state. Today, this country is a presidential Republic with a well-developed industry and tourism.

Yachting on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

Yachting and boat trips in the region

Cities on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt are famous for their ancient history. For example, holidays to Alexandria, which is preferred by more than 200 thousand tourists every year, was founded by the famous General Alexander the great for 330 years BC. For all the time of its existence, the city experienced UPS and downs, and even was the capital of Egypt. Now Alexandria is a large city with a large port, well-developed industry and a large historical heritage.

The water temperature on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt is less than on the Red sea. It's less sunny here – people with sensitive skin can feel it. Thanks to such climatic conditions, this region is perfect for improving your health or organizing a yacht vacation. Most entertainment venues are closed in winter.

There are many commercial and private yachts in Egypt. It should be noted that yachting is almost completely prohibited in the Red sea – it is believed that navigation in this region can harm the underwater world. This is why most of the marinas are located on the Mediterranean coast. The weather Alexandria Egypt all year round is conducive to diving and regular swimming in the sea.

Alexandria resorts Egypt attracts a large number of yachtsmen and travelers. The main port of the city is located in the Bay of the Nile River. The Northern part of the port has 10 berths, the depth of which reaches 8 meters. Here are the main forces of the Egyptian Navy. The second Harbor is designed for private yachts and cruise liners, it has everything you need for a comfortable Parking or waiting for the ship. It is possible to rent a yacht in one of the marinas on the coast.

The second port El Dekheila, located to the North and is a continuation of the main port of Alexandria. The main purpose of this zone is to accommodate a container terminal. In addition, there is an excellent Harbor where private and rented yachts stop.

Yachting on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

Excursions and outdoor activities

The Northern coast of Egypt is more exclusive than the Red sea. There are many five-star hotels and villas waiting for tourists who want to take a break from the crowds. Wealthy tourists are attracted to new resorts: Porto Marina, Sidi Abdel Rahman and Marasi.

Alexandria is the largest port city in Egypt and one of the richest cultural centers on the Mediterranean Sea. While in the city, it is impossible not to visit the famous library of Alexandria, located in a modern futuristic building. It would be an omission to refuse to visit the Pompeii column and the remains of the catacombs. Interesting is the city of El Alamein with a battlefield during the Second World War, a cemetery and a Military Museum. It is worth seeing the remains of the Greco-Roman city, which was discovered by chance in 1986 during the construction of the Marina in El Alamein. This area has been transformed into an open-air Museum.

Alexandria best beaches have given the city the title of "Sea pearl of Egypt", and for good reason-the recreation areas are incredibly clean and well-groomed. There are few beaches, most of them are free. You can make whole pyramids out of the purest sand. The most popular beaches in the region are Montaza and Maamura, located in the East of the city. With an incredible amount of beach and water activities, a trip to Alexandria Egypt holidays will be remembered for a lifetime.

A trip along one of the most popular routes in Egypt, Cairo- Alexandria, will remain in the memory of every tourist. Cairo is a city of 16 million people located near the Giza pyramid Complex. It is worth visiting the nearby city of Saqqara, which is 30 km South of Cairo. Here you can see the step pyramid, including the most famous of them Djoser. In Cairo, it is worth visiting the famous Cairo Museum in the city center.

Yachting on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

What to see and where to go

El Alamein is a port city on the Mediterranean sea of Egypt. It belongs to the resorts that are just beginning to develop. The city does not yet boast the same developed tourist infrastructure as in Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh, but there are already large hotel complexes. According to the Egyptians themselves, the concept of tourist development of Mediterranean resorts differs from the vector of development of cities on the Red sea. Hotels are built not along the coast line, but throughout the territory. The Mediterranean coast of Egypt has special conditions – the further away from the sea, the more beautiful oases and picturesque landscapes you can see.

In summer, the heat is not so debilitating: on the coast, the weather is more moderate, and a soft breeze constantly blows. In this region, tourists always have a place to go on a tour, because Alexandria and Cairo are famous for outstanding historical monuments around the world. Many bays and beautiful places can only be reached by sea, so you should think about renting a yacht for a sea trip.

El Alamein, like the red sea resorts, is loved by divers all over the world. Off the coast of this city there are sunken ships that have become objects of study for scuba enthusiasts.

Yachting on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

Culture, cuisine and traditions

Egypt is a Muslim country. There is still a ban that does not allow women to leave the house freely, only men can communicate with the outside world.

Along with the Arab population, Nubians, Egyptian Christians or Copts live in Egypt, and Bedouins live in the desert. Their culture and beliefs differ from the rest of the country, they still lead a nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyle, and some clans live in tents and migrate with their flocks in search of pasture.

Most people in the country firmly believe in and observe Ramadan, the month of Muslim fasting. This holiday falls on a different date every year, life slows down a little in big cities, and some stores only open in the evenings.

In Egypt, dishes are a combination of different types of vegetables and meat with sauces. All items from the menu are served with bread. National dish – kusheri-a mixture of pasta, rice, lentils, dark onions and hot sauce. Pork is not consumed in the country, it is considered "unclean". To quench your thirst during the heat, drink mint tea.

Yachting on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

Travel tips

During Ramadan, tourists should not drink or eat in public – this may be taken as disrespectful to the locals. You should give up short skirts, shorts and beachwear in public places.

There are two types of prices in local stores: for Egyptians and for tourists. It is worth practicing a little Arabic to bargain with sellers. You can bargain here everywhere-sellers are willing to give in to the cost.

Egyptians are very interested in tourists, do not be offended if you are asked about your family, occupation, place of residence. If the questions become too intrusive, you can politely change the subject or say goodbye to the other person.

Yachting on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

The Northern part of Egypt is a great place for lovers of the warm sea and bronze tan, as well as for those who prefer sea excursions, camel rides and trips on sand dunes on Quad bikes. There are many places for diving and yachting, so lovers of active water recreation will definitely find something to do in this rather sparsely populated, but no less charming region of Egypt.

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