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Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Routes and yacht marinas in Lisbon. Attractions, beaches, traditions and holidays, features of the cuisine of Lisbon.

Yachting allows you to combine a visit unique historical and cultural significance places in Lisbon with a vacation in Lisbon the best resorts in the country. You will be enchanted by picturesque landscapes and beautiful palaces, colorful old streets and an amazing combination of masterpieces from different eras and architectural styles.


General information about Lisbon

Lisbon city Portugal is located in the West of the Iberian Peninsula, at the mouth of the Tagus River. The ocean is 15 km away from Lisbon in Portugal. The official language is Portuguese. Euro currency. The weather in the city is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The water here is colder than in the Mediterranean countries. The average temperature of water in summer is 20°C, air-25°C. There are hot days with a temperature of about 30°C. In Lisbon, the temperature changes during the day, and in the evening it becomes much cooler. Winter is mild with temperatures from 10 to 14C°C. It rains and sometimes snows, but it melts quickly. The coldest period is from January to March.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

A trip on a yacht

The mild climate of Portugal allows you to travel on a yacht all year round. In the country you can find beautiful nature, picturesque bays, well-equipped sandy beaches. The yacht route around Lisbon is very popular, as it allows you to get acquainted with Lisbon Portugal tourist attractions. On the coast there are Parking lots for yachts and yacht clubs.

Most often, tourists and yachtsmen make a seven-day yacht trip with visits to the cities of Oeiras, Cascais, Tróia, and Setubal.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

The yacht is moored

The Lisbon coast has convenient places for mooring yachts. There are 9 Parking lots in the vicinity of the Portuguese capital. The most reliable and popular:

  • Parque das Nacoes Marina is located next to the Vasco da Gama Bridge
  • Doca De Alcantara-new Marina, the second largest in the city. It is located on the river behind the cruise and container terminals, near the bridge named after April 25. The Marina is protected, with water, electricity, shower and toilets. Public transport and metro stops are a 10-minute walk away
  • Doca de Belem-Marina near the historical center of the city, but in summer it is difficult to find a free place
  • Doca de Bon Sucesso is located just down the river
  • Oeiras Marina is located in the suburb of Oeiras. Coordinates: 38°40`334 "N 9°19`234" W. From here it is convenient to get to the capital, the resort of Cascais and other cities by train
  • Doca de Sao Amaro Marina is located under the bridge

You can rent a yacht in Lisbon and Cascais.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Cascais in Portugal – famous resort. Since the XIX century, it has become a popular destination for recreation. The Queen and Duchess beaches are located here. There is a yacht Marina with coordinates: 38°41`321 "N 9°24`561" W.

There is a well-maintained Marina on the Troy Peninsula. Coordinates: 38°29`381 "N 8°54`116" W. The port city of Setubal has a unique historical center. Yacht Parking coordinates: 38°26`152 "N 9°6`380" W.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Recreation and entertainment

The sights of Lisbon can be found on one of the tourist bus routes, or choose one of the sightseeing tours. On a guided tour of Lisbon, you can hear many fascinating stories and legends about this ancient city, learn more about its unique culture and traditions of the local people. You can choose a tour dedicated to the Royal palaces of the city or its historical center.

While in Lisbon, tourists can visit:

  • the city of Sintra is a resort with the fabulous castles of Pena and Montserrat, the Moors Fortress, the Royal Palace and beautiful parks
  • Cape ROCA, where you can admire the vast ocean from a height of 140 m
  • medieval castles and monasteries of the Golden ring: cities of Batalha, Obidos, Tomar, Alcobaça, Fatima
  • Monsanto – the granite city on the rock
  • fashionable resort Estilo
  • one of the largest and most ancient caves on the planet of Mira de Aire
  • Northern cities: Porto, Guimaraes, Braga
  • the city of Evor with its beautiful temples and monasteries

A trip to the wine-growing regions of Portugal will be informative, as well as a visit to the factory for the production of unique ceramic tiles – azuleju.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Outdoor activity

There are many picturesque parks in the capital. Families with children will be interested in visiting Edward VII Park, where you can have a picnic and play sports. The city has many sports centers, some of them themed: Golf clubs Lisbon Sports and Paço do Lumiar, billiard center ALAB. Adventure Park is designed for active recreation. There is a large swimming pool with heated ocean water.

With children, it will be interesting to visit the aquarium, planetarium or Botanical garden of Lisbon. In the evening, you can have great fun, dance and listen to national music at the club Pavilh-o Chines, Chapito and Matiz Pombalina.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon


From the Tagus River along the Atlantic coast of Portugal stretches a chain of beautiful resorts – the Lisbon Riviera. The beach season runs from May to October. The closest to the Portuguese capital is the Costa de Caparica, where Lisbon residents like to relax.

Cascais beaches are considered the best in the country. Lisbon Cascais is 25 km away from city. This distance can be covered by train or bus. For lovers of surfing and other extreme water activities, Guigno beach is perfect. There are always high waves rising here. Those who want to relax in peace will enjoy the beaches of Riberia and Torre.

Estoril is a trendy resort with sandy beaches and developed infrastructure. There is everything you need for a carefree holiday. In the small town of Carcavelos, you can combine a beach holiday with Windsurfing and visiting historical monuments.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon


One of the largest urban parks in Europe, the Monsanto Forest Park, is spread over 10 square kilometers. The Sintra-Cascais and Arrabida nature reserves are located near Lisbon. Rent a yacht to go to the Peninsula of Troy, which is located 40 km south of the capital. Here are the longest beaches in Europe, with snow-white Sands stretching for 13 km.

1.5 km from Cascais, right on the ocean, rises a majestic cliff with an arch and grottoes Boca do Inferno ("Mouth of the Devil"). When the wind rises on the sea, the waves break on the cliff and make terrible sounds, like the roar of a mighty animal.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Cultural monument

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. City streets, pavements and houses are decorated with unique colored ceramics. There are old medieval streets and many beautiful buildings in the Rococo and Baroque styles. A statue of Christ stands above the city. This is a copy of the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro. From here you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the city. You will see an equally beautiful view from the hill, which is located next to the elegant tower of Torri de Belen.

The most important religious building in Lisbon is the Cathedral of the XII century. The palaces of San Bento, Fronteira and Ajuda will impress you with their exquisite beauty. We recommend visiting the Geronimo’s monastery in Belem. This surprisingly beautiful building combines elements of Gothic and Arabic script. In the ancient city of Setubal there is an ancient fortress of the XVI century, built to protect against pirates.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Traditions and cuisine

The streets of Lisbon are quiet and peaceful. Urban residents lead a measured lifestyle. Many public places close during the day for a Siesta. But this impression of serene calm can be deceptive. Portuguese people love fun holidays. Festivals and large-scale celebrations are often held in the capital of the country, accompanied by music and incendiary dances.

The festival of Iberian Mask is held in mid-May. The streets are filled with people in old clothes. The event is dedicated to the traditions and culture of the Iberians who inhabited these lands in ancient times.

Every year, on June 12 and 13, Saint Antonio's Day is widely celebrated. During the holiday, all the streets are brightly decorated, fairs are open, and music is played everywhere. Lovers read poems to each other. It is considered that this is a good time for a wedding. The festival ends with a festive costume procession.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

In September, you can experience the extraordinary rhythms of Fado music at the two-day Caixa Alfama festival. Throughout the summer season, Lisbon hosts musical events dedicated to various musical styles.

The national cuisine is based on fish dishes. Portuguese cuisine is characterized by a large number of spices, many dishes are seasoned with hot sauce "Piri-Piri". Portuguese chefs know a huge number of ways to prepare fish and seafood. Rice is often used as a side dish.

Dried salted cod "bacalhau"is very popular. Restaurants serve different versions of Caldo verde soup with vegetables and spicy chorizo pork sausage. It is worth trying a dish of different types of fish - "caldeirada".

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Meat dishes are popular:

  • "cataplana" from stewed meat or fish, the dish is served in a pan
  • "feijoada "of stewed in a pot of beans with different types of meat
  • "Kushida-a-Portuguesa" from different types of meat

For dessert you can try the pastry "pastéis" and have a glass of red port.

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

Travel tip

Each country has its own characteristics that should be taken into account when traveling. Some tips:

  • Comfortable shoes will come in handy. In Lisbon, as in many cities in Portugal, you often have to walk along the old cobbled streets, go up and down high stairs and hills
  • Small shops and government offices close during the day for Siesta
  • Cafes in Lisbon are open until 22 hours. In the restaurant it is customary to leave a tip 5-10%
  • As Souvenirs and gifts, you can choose leather goods, ceramic dishes, lace, hand-embroidered products, port wine and local delicacies

Boat Trips in the Vicinity of Lisbon

A yacht trip from Lisbon will allow you to see new places, get acquainted with the original culture of Portugal, explore extremely picturesque places, castles and palaces, as well as relax on the beautiful sandy beaches.

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