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Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

The port of Funchal is located in the South-East of Madeira, the main island of the Portuguese archipelago of the same name. The Harbor accepts large and small cruise ships and private yachts.

The port of Funchal is located in the North-East of the Portuguese island of Madeira, part of the archipelago of the same name. This is the main Harbor of the city, connecting several routes by sea, including the way from continental Portugal to the Islands of the archipelago, to the countries of the Mediterranean Sea and Africa. The pier, which can accommodate several cruise ships, is located a 15-minute walk from the city center.


About the port of Funchal

On Madeira island holidays are especially popular with Europeans. Madeira is washed by the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to the archipelago of the same name. The island is separated from continental Portugal by 1000 kilometers, and from the African continent by 500 kilometers.

Madeira Funchal port is not the largest in Portugal, but it is the main one in the archipelago. The port accepts cruise ships from all over the world, and there is a Parking lot for small vessels and private yachts nearby. More than 300 ships and 600,000 passengers pass through the port each year. Harbor coordinates: 32°37’59 "N 16°53’59" W. Madeira airport Portugal is 23 kilometers away from the port.

While the cruise ship is parked in the port of Funchal, passengers visit the capital of the island of Madeira and other cities. You will find a unique volcanic mountain landscape, Botanical gardens, ancient sights and delicious cuisine in Madeira.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

The history of the port

Funchal was founded in the XIV century, during the colonization of Madeira. Already at that time, a sea Harbor was formed, which had an important commercial and strategic importance for the island. The port still remains an important point for transatlantic sea crossings.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

Cruise port infrastructure

The port is located near the island's capital. Tourists should pay attention to the natural and architectural attractions of Funchal: the ever-green Botanical gardens, breathtaking mountain serpentines, ancient buildings of different eras. Excellent tourist infrastructure of the city — hotels of different categories, restaurants, taverns, authentic shops and restaurants.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

The shops

Funchal city gathers shoppers on the Central shopping streets. It sells classic Portuguese cork, leather and wicker Souvenirs, as well as locally produced goods. The most original of them, which should be taken away as a souvenir, are products with embroidery. Especially popular among tourists is the traditional local wine, similar in name to the island — Madeira. On the island, you can buy other wines — white, red and green (Verde Wine).

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

Transport, communications, currency

The main transport in Portugal Madeira Funchal is buses that travel along the coastal road. Double-Decker buses run on two main routes. After paying for a ticket, you can ride one of them throughout the day. Such transport is popular with tourists — you can quickly and inexpensively explore the best places and attractions. Rent a car is suitable for those who have experience driving on mountain serpentines, which are dangerously narrow in places.

Stable Wi-Fi is available in public areas, hotels, and tour buses. The local currency is the Euro.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

Nearest beach

The beaches on Madeira, are located on the Western side of the island. Beach holidays here are not as developed as on the Portuguese mainland, but among the beach complexes there are absolutely unique options. Doca do Cavacas attracts thousands of tourists every year in its volcanic pools with a gentle entrance to the sea.

The traditional beach of Playa Formosa is the main city beach, consisting of 4 coastal sections with a mixed surface of sand and pebbles. From there, a path leads to the popular sea water pool complex, the Lido. The closest to the city are 2 quiet pebble beaches-Playa de Sao Tiago and Playa do Gargullo.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

Cruise ships in the port of Funchal

Funchal is the port of departure and call for short-and long-term berths. The Harbor accepts passenger liners on routes to Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Transatlantic, the Pacific, the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.

The duration of sea cruises varies from 5 nights to 128 days. There are 4 flights in the direction of "Mediterranean sea and Africa", which start from the port of Funchal. They are served by MSC Cruises and Silversea.

Liners calling at the port of Funchal:

  • AIDA — AIDAstella, AIDAaura, AIDAcara, AIDAmar, AIDAnova, AIDAvita
  • Holland American Line — Amsterdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Veendam, Westerdam, Zuiderdam
  • Royal Caribbean — Anthem of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas, Odissey of the Seas
  • P&O Cruises — Arcadia, Aurora, Iona, Ventura, Oceana, Azura, Britannia
  • Carnival — Carnival Legend, Carnival Radiance, Mardi Gras.
  • Azamara — Azamara Journey, Azamara Quest, Azamara Pursuit
  • Celebrity Cruises — Celebrity Silhouette
  • Costa — Costa Luminosa, Costa Favolosa, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Magica
  • Princess Cruises — Crown Princess, Grand Princess, Island Princess, Enchanted Princess
  • Ponant — L’Austral, Le Dumont-d’Urville
  • Oceania Cruises — Marina, Rivera, Sirena
  • Mein Schiff — Mein Schiff 1, 2,3,4
  • MSC Cruises — MSC Fantasia, MSC Magnifica, MSC Preziosa, MSC Poesia, MSC Seashore, MSC Splendida
  • Hapag-Lloyd — MS Europa
  • Norwegian — Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Spirit, Norwegian Getaway
  • Seabourn — Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Sojourn
  • Cunard — Queen Victoria
  • SeaDream — SeaDream I, SeaDream II
  • Regent — Seven Seas Splendor, Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Navigator
  • Silversea — Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit, Silver Dawn, Silver Whisper, Silver Moon, Silver Wind

Within walking distance from the cruise ship Parking lot is the Marina where private and rented yachts are moored. The shape of the port from the height looks like an irregular Pentagon, in the center of which there are 4 rows of yacht Parking lots. The Marina's infrastructure includes electrical and water supply, ship maintenance, fuel refueling, showers and laundries, and yacht shops. It is recommended to book a yacht several months before the expected date of the trip.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

Restaurants and hotels nearby

Hotels and restaurants are concentrated in the Western and Central parts of the city. In the West, there are rows of budget and expensive hotels, numerous restaurants and the bustling tourist street Carriera. Restaurants that are further from the main streets serve large portions without a high mark-up.

The city has a huge number of restaurants, cafes and taverns that offer European and traditional dishes. The basis of local cuisine is seafood in all its variety. Must-try dishes of tuna, saber fish and parrot fish. As well as seafood, the island has a huge variety of vegetables and exotic fruits, which are used to prepare unusual dishes and side dishes. The most popular restaurants and cafes are Marisqueira O Barqueiro, Casa Madeirense, Tokos, Red Lion.

Within 2 kilometers from the port, you can find apartments and hotels of categories 2*, 3*, 4* and 5*. Most of them are small 3* and 4* hotels with Breakfast. Five-star hotels are located closer to the shore or on top of a cliff. They offer an extended range of services, a huge Park area and all-inclusive meals.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

What to do while Parking

If the cruise ship is moored in the Harbor for half a day, tourists have time to explore the most important part of the city, take the funicular up the mountain, walk through the Botanical gardens, swim on the cleanest beaches, and look at the streets of the old district.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

Excursions and attractions

The favorable climate has led to the presence of a huge variety of flora in Madeira. The main natural attraction is the Madeira Botanical garden. The vast territory is home to more than 2000 species of plants, most of which are tropical endemics, the rest of the plants were imported from different parts of the world. You can also be surprised by the unimaginable number of exotic parrots that inhabit the local trees.

Lovers of antiquity expect architectural structures in the style of mannerism-the monastery of Saint Clare of the XV century, the Palace-fortress of Saint Lorenzo, Sé do Funchal. The Eastern part of the city is occupied by the old district, where ancient sights are concentrated. Museums are located deep in the Central streets.

Thanks to the unique volcanic terrain of the island, tourists can enjoy beautiful views not only from the window of the tour bus, but also from the cab of the funicular. It takes visitors up the mountain and back. Another unusual excursion route passes through the levadas-irrigation channels with a length of more than 2000 kilometers, of which 40 km are occupied by tunnels.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

The holiday season in Funchal

The weather Madeira Portugal is comfortable throughout the year due to its proximity to the African continent, the Canary current and the Gulf Stream. The average daytime temperature in winter rarely differs from summer by more than 7°C.

The island's subtropical Mediterranean climate is one of the most comfortable on the planet. The high season lasts from May to September, when the air warms up to +25-26°C, water - up to +23°C.

Sightseeing trips are favorable in spring and summer, when the thermometer does not fall below +20°C during the day.

Funchal — Port City on the Island of Madeira

If your cruise involves calling at the port of Funchal, be sure to visit the local Botanical gardens, walk through the streets of the Old town, take the funicular to the highest Cape in Europe, taste the local cuisine and, of course, rent a yacht!

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