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Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

The port of Horta is located on the South-Eastern side of the island of Faial, Portugal. It is the city's main Harbor and transit port for cruise liners EN route from Western Europe to America.

The port of Horta is located in the South-East of the Portuguese island of Faial, part of the Azores Archipelago. This Harbor is an important stop for private yachts and cruise ships that cross the North Atlantic: from North America to Europe, from the Caribbean Islands to the Mediterranean. The port Marina is located 800 meters from the center of Horta. During the cruise ship's stay in the port of Horta, passengers visit the city of the same name. The island attracts with its volcanic landscapes, tropical vegetation, beautiful beaches, wide opportunities for water sports, and delicious cuisine.


About the port of Horta

Faial Island is located in the Northern part of the Atlantic sea. Faial, together with the Islands of Pico, San Jorge, Terceira and Graciosa, forms the Central group of the Azores. The archipelago consists of 9 inhabited Islands. Pico and Faial are separated by a narrow sea Strait 8 kilometers wide. Faial is 1,600 kilometers from continental Portugal and 2,454 kilometers from the North American continent.

The port of Horta is not the largest in Portugal, but it is one of the most important in the world and the fourth largest cruise ship port in the country. Its capacity is 300 ships. Nearby there is a large Marina for yachts and private sailing boats. Here making a stop of the small boats through the waters of the Atlantic to Europe or America. Research ships often sail from the Marina to observe the marine mammals of the Azores. It is recommended to book a yacht several months before the expected date of the trip. Coordinates of the port of Horta: 38°34’37 "N 28°42’10" W. The nearest airport Azores is 15 km away from Faial Island.

Due to its location in the Central part of the North Atlantic Ocean, Fayal Harbor has been a transit point for thousands of ships on the way between Europe and America for several centuries. The Bay of the port goes deep into the island coast, it is reliably protected from the winds of any direction.

The history of the island of Faial began in 1465, when the Portuguese Explorer Josse van Huerter, as part of an expedition, first stopped at the site of the future port in order to find deposits of tin and silver. The island was a colony of Flanders, it was actively settled by the first settlers, developed agriculture and export of plant dyes. Since the beginning of the XVII century, Horta has become one of the main commercial ports connecting Europe and America.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

Cruise port infrastructure

Horta Harbor is located off the coast of the city of the same name, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is better to spend your free time at the cruise Parking lot exploring natural attractions — volcanoes, craters, grottos, caves. Then you can explore the city and taste the local cuisine.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

The shops

There are no large shopping centers in the city, but there are many craft shops and markets. Popular products that can be taken home are cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and spices. As Souvenirs, you can buy ceramic products with blue ornaments, a doll made of corn leaves, bedspreads, clothes made of linen, Fig tree figures.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

Transport, communications, currency

The main form of public transport is the bus, which transports residents and guests of the city along several routes. Car rental is a convenient way to get around, but also the most expensive on the island. Wi-Fi on Fayal is stable, and access to it is offered by most restaurants and hotels. The local currency is the Euro.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

Nearest beach

Faial is known for the largest number of beaches along with other Azores Islands. The most popular ones are:

  • Porto Pim-a quiet and sparsely populated beach with very light sand, located near the town of Horta
  • Varadouru is located near the village of Varadouru, at the foot of the mountain; due to the eruption of the volcano, a natural pool was formed here
  • Compridou is located near the Capelinhos volcano, on the territory of the old port, surrounded by walls on three sides; here you can often see the accumulation of small fish near the shore
  • Playa do Almosariffi-black sandy beach, located on the Eastern side of the city of Horta; there is a car Park, several restaurants

The beach of Praia de Pedro Miguel is the quietest, there are very few tourists. Here you can really relax and isolate yourself from the outside world, left alone with nature.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

Cruise liner

On the international cruise map, Horta is the port of call for short-and long-term berths. The Harbor accepts passenger liners on routes to Western Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. The duration of sea cruises varies from 5 to 94 nights.

Cruise liners making a stop at the port of Horta:

  • Regent — Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Navigator
  • Oceania Cruises — Sirena
  • The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection — Evrima
  • Ponant — Le Boreal, Le Champlain
  • Hapag-Lloyd — MS Europa
  • Seabourn — Seabourn Quest
  • SeaDream — SeaDream II
  • Silversea — Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit, Silver Whisper, Silver Moon

Not far from the cruise Marina is a Marina that accepts private yachts and small vessels. It has a capacity of 300 seats and operates year-round. Coordinates of the Marina: 38°31’9 "N 28°37’50" W. The Marina's infrastructure includes water and electricity supply, ship repair service, lift and crane up to 20 tons, dry dock, fuel filling, waste disposal, Laundry, toilet and shower.

There is a ferry service between the Islands of Faial and Pico, with boats departing 4 times a day. Some tourists and yachtsmen do not know where is Azores Portugal? In this case, you can find the Azores at the coordinates: 38°36'N 27°59'W.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

Restaurants and hotels

Within walking distance from the port of Horta, hotels of several star categories are conveniently located. Nearby-the embankment, shops, restaurants, roads with regular transport. Restaurants and cafes have different formats and themes.

Island of Faial does not differ from other Islands of the archipelago by its unique cuisine. Here, as elsewhere in the Azores, they like to cook meat, sausages, cheeses, seafood, and desserts. Among the best restaurants where you can try local dishes:

  • Peter Café Sport-meeting place for yachtsmen from all over the world, part of the international yacht club
  • Canto do Doca-an unusual restaurant where visitors are brought raw products that need to be cooked on a hot stone
  • Restaurante Ponta Furada-an inexpensive place for a pleasant lunch or dinner in with views of the volcano Pico and the open ocean

Only fresh seafood is used for cooking on Fayal. If the catch of some fish is not successful, you will be offered an alternative option for lunch or dinner.

At a distance of 1 km from the port of Horta there are more than 20 hotels in categories 3*, 4*. Most hotels offer accommodation without meals. Apartments are located along the coastline, and 4-star hotels are located in the southern part of the port. The best hotels are located near the port of Horta Azores reviews what left by travelers about Lofts Azul Pastel 4*, Hotel Horta 4*, Hotel Sao Francisco, Faial Marina Apartments.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

What to do while Parking

While staying at the cruise port of Horta, tourists can explore the entire island of Faial at a calm pace, because it is no more than 21 kilometers long and only 14 kilometers wide. First, you can walk around the city and relax in one of the restaurants, then go on a trip to the volcanoes, scuba dive in the coastal waters, or cross the channel and get closer to the majestic volcano Pico.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

Excursions and attractions

It is better to rent a car to explore the city of Horta and the island of Faial. Local nature has created incredibly picturesque volcanoes, mountains, caves and bays. Most tourists buy tours to the Azores to see the natural scenery.

Due to the good geographical location of the city of Horta, tourists can enjoy beautiful views of the neighboring Islands of Pico and San Jorge from the viewing platforms of Ponta da Espalamaca and Monte da Guia. An unforgettable experience awaits those who have decided to take a closer look at the local volcano Capelinhos.

Varadouru Bay is located in the southern part of the coast, where you can see the volcanic peak of Morro da Castello Branco. In the Central part of the island is the high Cape of Cabezo Gordo, and next to it-the crater Caldeira 400 meters deep.

Among the man-made attractions, the old churches of the XVII-XVIII centuries, decorated with gilded tiles, stand out in particular. The waterfront of the port is decorated with autographs of tourists and yachtsmen.

Every year in August, from the first to the second Sunday, Horta hosts the festival "Week of the sea". The Harbor is filled with sailing vessels from all over the world, and a regatta is organized in the waters of the Faial-Pico channel.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

The holiday season on Faial

Faial Island Azores has a mild subtropical climate and high humidity with a minimum of 79%. The average summer air temperature is +24°C, and the water temperature is +23°C. The island is covered with dense tropical vegetation. The high season on Fayal lasts from June to September, when the temperature is set to be comfortable for swimming. It is better to plan sightseeing trips in spring and autumn.

Horta — The Main Port of the Island of Faial

If your cruise passes through the port of Horta, be sure to explore the island of Faial and the surrounding Islands, get closer to the crater of the volcano Pico, explore the local caves, grottoes, medieval churches, swim on the beaches of volcanic origin.

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