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Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

Features of the port Leixoes, restaurants and hotels. The history of Porto, sights, entertainment, shopping, rest during a cruise stop.

Porto in Portugal in the North of the country, it charms its guests with colorful streets, majestic palaces and churches, colorful houses on the hills. It is in Porto that you can truly understand Portuguese culture. And the gateway to this wonderful world will be Leixoes port Portugal on the Atlantic coast.


General information about the city of Porto

Located in the North of Portugal, the Leixoes port is the second most important after the port of Lisbon. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean in the North-West of the Iberian Peninsula, near the mouth of the Duero River. Leixoes port Portugal coordinates: 41°11'N 8°42'W.

Every year, about 100 liners with 80-100 thousand passengers stop at the port. The port has two cruise terminals. Most often, cruise ships stop at the modern southern terminal Matosinhos Sul, in English – Porto (or South) Cruise Terminal. Sometimes they dock at the old North terminal, Dock 1 North. There is a yacht Marina nearby. Distance from port Leixoes Porto to the city center is 10 kilometers. It is recommended to book a yacht several months before the expected date of the trip.

Porto is the second largest city in the country after Lisbon. It is located on the banks of the river Duero. It is 320 km from the capital. Porto and its surroundings make up the Greater Porto agglomeration with 2 million inhabitants. The city itself is home to about 214,000 people (2016).

The official language is Portuguese. All payments are made in euros. The North of Portugal is characterized by warm, dry summers and mild winters. Most precipitation falls in winter. The most comfortable months are July and August, with an average temperature of 25°C. The water temperature does not rise above 19°C.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

Porto: history of the city

The first mention of settlements on this territory dates back to 300 BC. Around 136 BC, these lands were captured by the ancient Romans and founded the city of Portus Cale. In 540, the Visigoths founded a fortress here, then the Moors came. At the beginning of the XI century, the territory of Portugal received the status of a County under the rule of Henry of Burgundy. In 1096, the country gained independence.

The municipality dates back to 1123. Since the XIV century, active trade cooperation with England began. A significant part of the income was the port trade. During the period Of great geographical discoveries, Porto became one of the centers of shipbuilding. In the XVIII-XIX centuries, many industrial innovations were applied here in the first place.

The airport is located 11 km from the center of Porto. The city can be reached by bus (601, 604, 602), metro, Airbus or taxi. From the airport, it is easier to get to the port from the Aeroporto metro station (line E) with a transfer to Matosinhos Sul station. Mercado station is located next to the Northern terminal. Trains run from 6 am to 1 am at intervals of about half an hour. Buses 502, 501, 500 stop near the port.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes


The cruise port building is a modern complex with an original architectural form. This unusual structure combines a yacht pier, a Harbor for small ships, a cruise terminal, a Science and Marine technology Park, a restaurant, and various port services. Near the terminal, you can find several cafes on the waterfront, a large Lidl supermarket, and an indoor food market.

Small shops may close during the day for lunch. Major shopping centers and supermarkets are open without interruption. There is a beach next to the terminal exit. Port Leixoes near the city of Matosinhos. The beaches of this city are very popular, they are sandy, clean and wide.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes


Sao Bento railway station is considered one of the best in Europe. Magnificent interior decoration, white and blue mosaic delight the eyes of train passengers. Trains from Lisbon arrive at this station. The journey takes about 3, 5 hours.

The city has a well-developed bus network that covers the entire city. There are day and night routes. For a single trip, you can buy a ticket from the driver, the cost is about 2 euros. Three tram routes pass through the most beautiful places of the city, along its historical center. Schedule: from 8 am to 9 PM with an interval of half an hour.

The city has an excellent metro, the main transfer station is Trindade. The metro system includes six lines. Traffic is carried out from 6 am to 1 am. There are two funiculars in the Port. Tickets for travel are purchased for certain zones, this is not easy to understand. It will be more convenient to buy an Andante Tour ticket for a day or several at the vending machine. This ticket is valid for almost all types of public transport.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

Cruise Company

From Porto, A-Rosa, Croisi Europe offers regular 8-day cruises on the Duero River, visiting cities in Portugal and Spain. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises operates sea cruises from the port of Leixoes to the Mediterranean, Western Europe, the British Isles, the Canary Islands and the Azores, and Phoenix Cruises to the Mediterranean. In Lassoing go liners AIDA, P&O, Costa Cruises, Silversea and other companies within the cruises in the cities of Europe.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

Hotels and restaurants

Port Leixoes near the city of Matosinhos, a suburb of Porto. The best hotels of Matosinhos in the opinion of tourists:

  • guest house Harbour Inn Design Townhouse
  • Matosinhos Beach apartments
  • Eurostars Matosinhos, 4-star hotel
  • OportoWaves apartments

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

There are several excellent restaurants on The Matosinhos waterfront. As in the whole of Portugal and is especially delicious cooked dishes from fish and seafood. Here are some of the most popular restaurants on Rua Herois de Franca:

  • O Valentim restaurant
  • Tito II
  • Lusitano
  • Restaurante Salta o Muro

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

Sightseeing and shopping

Tourist buses stop near the exit of the cruise terminal. Routes from three companies are offered. You can save money on transport and visiting museums by purchasing a tourist card.

From Porto, you can go on a guided tour or on your own to the nearest cities:

  • Aveiro, which is called "Portuguese Venice"
  • Guimaraes-an interesting medieval town with a wonderful castle, the first capital of the country
  • Braga-a religious center with beautiful temples and monasteries

Popular routes through wine-growing areas.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

City attraction

In the Portugal Porto tourist attractions and the historical and architectural attractions are so significant that the entire historical center of the city is protected by UNESCO. From everywhere you can see the majestic Cathedral of Sé do Porto, built on the highest point of Porto in the XII century. It resembles a fortress in its appearance. To notice from a distance is possible and the Clérigos tower, built in the XVIII century in Baroque style. Its height is 776 m. There is an observation deck at the top.

Architectural masterpieces include: the Town hall, the Clérigos Church, the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of San Francisco, and others.

It will be interesting to visit an extremely beautiful bookstore at the address: Rua das Carmelitas, 144. It became the prototype of the magic book Store in the works of Harry Potter. The House of Music and the wonderful bridges over the Duero River stand out from the modern creations. You will enjoy a walk through the Botanical garden and the crystal Palace Park.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

Shopping and Souvenirs

Santa Catarina and Boavista streets are a good place to shop. There are fashion boutiques and souvenir shops. The city has major shopping centers: Via Catarina, Gaia Shopping and others. For bargain shopping, take a walk through the MUUDA gallery or go to the Northeshopping outlet in the suburbs. Clothing and footwear made in Portugal is famous for its excellent quality. Interesting Souvenirs can be purchased in the market Ferreira Borges a, fruit and delicacies on the Bolhão market. As Souvenirs, you should buy port wine, handmade lace, ceramics, jewelry.

Modern Cruise Port Leixoes

The city of Porto is an amazing combination of ancient and modern architectural masterpieces, lively streets and ancient palaces. You will find amazing discoveries and picturesque places on every corner of the city of Porto.

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