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Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

The port of Praia da Vitoria is located in the South-East of the island of Terceira. The Harbor accepts cruise ships and private yachts from Africa, Europe and North America.

The port of Praia da Vitoria is located in the South-East of the Portuguese island of Terceira, part of the archipelago Azores. The port accepts cruise ships and private vessels from Africa, Europe, North America and the Mediterranean. The Marina is located near the center of Praia da Vitoria. While parking in the port of Praia da Vitoria, tourists visit the city of the same name. The island is attractive for its unique volcanic landscapes, lush tropical vegetation, beautiful wide beaches, caves and grottoes of volcanic origin, and delicious Azores cuisine.


About the port of Praia da Vitoria

Terceira Island is part of the Azores archipelago, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Terceira, together with Pico, San Jorge, Faial and Graciosa, forms the Central group of the Azores. In total, there are 9 inhabited land areas in the archipelago, which differ in size and infrastructure. Terceira is 1,556 kilometers from continental Portugal and 2,400 kilometers from the North American continent.

The port of Praia da Vitoria is not the largest in the Azores. It performs an important function in Maritime communication between the Islands, receiving small and large vessels from Africa, North America and Europe. The closest island to Terceira is San Miguel. You can also take a boat to other Islands: Faial, San Jorge, Pico. International Terceira Airport is 165 kilometers away from the city center.

The name "Terceira" translates as "the third island". It was here that the explorers landed with the expedition after visiting the Islands of San Miguel and Santa Maria. Because of the abundance of blooming lilac, locals call the island "Ilya Lila’s". There are 4 volcanoes on the island, the youngest of which, Santa Barbara, erupted in 2000.

The island was settled by colonizers in 1456. Approximately at the same time, the port of Praia da Vitoria was formed, through which trade was carried out with other Islands and Europe.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

Cruise port infrastructure

The port of Praia da Vitoria is located off the coast of the city of the same name in the Northern waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the rest at the cruise stop should be devoted to exploring natural attractions-caves, lakes, forests, pastures, mountains, and then go on a tour of ancient structures.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

The shops

On the island of Terceira Portugal and in the city of Praia da Vitoria, there are no major shopping centers where you can buy branded items. For purchases of this kind, it is better to go to the continental part of Portugal. On the island, tourists tend to buy locally produced goods: cheeses, wine, coffee, tea, porcelain dishes, wooden Souvenirs, sweets.

It is better to go shopping at the market, where you can buy different products at favorable prices for one visit. During the period from 12.00 to 15.00, all shops and shops are closed, and local residents enjoy a Siesta.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

Transport, communications, currency

Tourists often travel around the city by taxi, which can be distinguished from other cars on the roads by the two blue stripes near the passenger door. Drivers often understand the English language. It is cheaper to rent a car here than on the neighboring Islands of the Azores archipelago. You can drive not only along the city roads, but also through the village streets located in the interior of the island. Mobile communication in Praia da Vitoria is stable throughout the territory. Wi-Fi access is provided by all hotels, most restaurants and public places. The local currency is the Euro.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

Nearest beach

The port city of Praia da Vitoria has very wide sandy beaches. They are free and clean. There are two city beaches near the port:

  1. Praia da Riviera on the South side. A wide sandy line of gray color, a gentle entrance to the water; there are sun beds, changing booths, a bar, Parking
  2. Prainha on the North side. A wide line covered with light sand; a Bank with a gentle entrance to the water

If you drive away from the city of Praia da Vitoria, you can find quiet areas of the coast to relax in seclusion.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

Cruises from Praia da Vitoria

Praia da Vitoria is a port of call for short-and long-term berths. The Harbor accepts passenger liners on routes to Western Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and Africa. The duration of sea cruises varies from 7 to 125 nights.

Cruise ships passing through the port of Praia da Vitoria:

  • AIDA — AIDAcara
  • P&O Cruises — Arcadia, Ventura
  • Costa — Costa Deliziosa, Costa Luminosa
  • The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection — Evrima
  • Ponant — Le Champlain
  • Mein Schiff — Mein Schiff 3, Mein Schiff 4
  • Hapag-Lloyd — MS Europa
  • Holland American Line — Rotterdam
  • Silversea — Silver Spirit

5 kilometers from the airport is a Marina where yachts and small vessels of different classes and sizes are moored. The Marina is designed to accommodate 210 vessels at the same time. The Marina offers a wide range of services for yachtsmen — water and electricity, Parking, shower, toilet, Laundry, supermarket, restaurant. It is recommended to book a yacht several months before the expected date of the trip.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

Restaurants and hotels nearby

Restaurants in Praia da Vitoria are scattered along the coast with a greater concentration in the city center. On the square, within 1 kilometer from the port, there are hotels in categories from 1* to 4*.

Terceira Island, like all the Islands of the Azores archipelago, does not differ in a large variety of national dishes. Local restaurants serve Portuguese, European, and American cuisine. On the territory of the port there are establishments with views of the Bay. Popular restaurants and cafes: R3 Restaurante, Casa De Pasto Bela Vista, Restaurante O Pescador, Imperador.

More than 70 hotels can be found near the port of Praia da Vitoria. There are 21 hotels with buffet breakfasts. Tourists leave positive reviews about Royal Beach Hostel, hotel Praia Marina 4*, Hotel Varandos do Atlantico 3*, Hostel da Palmeira.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

What to do while Parking

While the cruise ship is parked, passengers can rent a car and drive around the entire perimeter of Terceira Azores. The unique mountainous and flat landscape creates rich opportunities for recreation - from viewing high-altitude views from special platforms to walking through unique caves and grottoes.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

Excursions and attractions

Azores tourist attractions stand out for their volcanic origin, creating incredible natural landscapes. An interesting natural object is the Algar do Carvao cave, which is a 100-meter tunnel of solidified lava with stalactites of quartz dissolved in the lava.

Other attractions are associated with ancient cities that have been preserved as ruins. Angra do Heroísmo is the oldest city in the entire Azores archipelago, built in the XV century. Several buildings of that time have been preserved on its territory. In the settlement of Bishkoytush of the XVI century, you can see old vineyards. San Mateos da Calletta is interesting for its cluster of defensive structures of the XV-XVI centuries: Fort Terreiro, Negrito, Mare, Ma Ferramenta.

On Portugal Terceira Island, attractions are not limited to standard sightseeing routes. You can book an individual tour, which will include a visit to the Mirador do Facho observation deck. From its height, you can enjoy an incredible view of the port Harbor, yacht Marina and the vast expanses of the Atlantic.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

The holiday season on Terceira Island

Terceira has a mild subtropical climate. Despite the fact that the climate depends on the ocean, the weather on Terceira is quite stable and predictable throughout the year. The average temperature in summer is +25°C, and in winter - +13°C. The high season lasts from June to September, which is when you can see the largest number of tourists on the local beaches.

In the period from August to November, strong gusty winds become a frequent visitor to the island, due to the special location of the island in the North Atlantic hurricane belt.

Praia da Vitoria — Port City, Surrounded by Lilac

If your cruise calls at the port of Praia da Vitoria, try to explore the entire island of Terceira and the nearby Islands, visit the unique caves, feel the traces of historical events near the FORTS, swim on the beaches and try local cuisine.

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