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South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

South coast of Portugal: yachting, sailing routes, popular resorts, water sports, culture and traditions of the region.

The edge of Europe, full of picturesque streets, atmospheric cities and beautiful beaches-this picture is waiting for people in Portugal. The country is located on the Atlantic Ocean and offers excellent conditions for sailing and recreation at sea. The Portuguese coast covers several Islands, including the Azores archipelago and the famous island of Madeira.


General information about the region

Portugal impresses with its crystal clear waters, mysterious caves and charming beaches. Portugal South has a typical Mediterranean climate. The average summer temperature is 26°C. Winter is mild, the temperature does not fall below 0°C.

Portugal south coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Most often it is visited by the British, Germans and Scandinavians. Faro in Portugal is the capital of this part of the country, has an international airport. The most attractive place in southern Portugal is the wide sandy beaches with limestone cliffs.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

How to get

The largest cities in Portugal are Porto and Lisbon. There is a rainy winter with a small number of Sunny days. But in the South of the country it is always warm and Sunny. Here you will find many rocky beaches, excellent weather and almost deserted narrow streets. This is the perfect place for those who want to travel in winter.

Faro is connected by air to many cities in Portugal and Europe. About holidays in Faro reviews are always very good. Getting to the city will be interesting on a yacht: along the way you can see many more interesting places. On the yacht you can sail to Albufeira in Portugal, Almancil, Olhao, Portugal Tavira, Santa Lucia and Luz. It is better to choose sailing and motor yachts.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising


Yachting in this region is available all year round: the ocean is calm and warm in summer, and cool and dangerous in autumn and winter. Most often, tourists use cruise yachts-they are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and safe stay. The capacity of such a yacht allows you to create reserves of food, water and fuel for weeks to come.

In the cities of the Algarve region, there are several well-equipped marinas that are ready to receive guests during the holiday season:

  • Albufeira Marina-a place with convenient access to the ocean
  • Marina de Vilamoura – the most famous harbour in the Algarve
  • Harbor Vilamoura-a cozy Harbor located South of Albufeira

A good time to travel on yachts is late spring, all summer and early autumn. At this time, the water temperature is high, you can go scuba diving or try surfing. If the priority is a yacht trip, rather than a bronze tan, you can rent a yacht in October or November.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

Excursions and active recreation in the southern resorts of Portugal

The Algarve is a popular resort with numerous beaches, colorful rocks, warm sea and picturesque fishing villages. The region is separated from the rest of Portugal by high mountains. It has preserved its cultural isolation and traces of former inhabitants – the picturesque villages of the Maghreb countries can still be seen from afar.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

Santa Antonio

Vila real de Santo Antonio is a municipality and the first city of the Algarve from the East. The city is located next to the Guadiana River, which forms the natural border between Portugal and Spain. The city has no beaches, few tourists and famous attractions. After a major earthquake in 1755, Vila real de Santo Antonio was rebuilt. It is worth coming here for the beautiful scenery, unique buildings and comfortable hotels.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising


Portugal Lagos is one of the most interesting cities in the Algarve. The tourist city is inhabited by 30 thousand people. There is no major industry here. The city has a port and a Parking lot for yachts. The old part of the city is located along the river, next to the main street. From Lagos, you can quickly reach the fantastic cliffs of Ponta da Piedade, and the beaches of Praia de Pinhao, Praia de Camilo and Praia doña Ana are perfect for families with young children.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising


It is always very sunny and warm in Portugal Portimao. In the past, this city was famous for its fishing and shipbuilding industry, but now it has changed its profile to tourism. There are a variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, night clubs and karaoke, shopping centers. There are many interesting places for lovers of history and culture in the city. The city has well-preserved historical monuments of the middle Ages, including parts of the city walls, ancient monasteries, churches and chapels.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising


This city is considered the busiest in the Algarve. Moorish buildings, winding narrow streets and crowded squares where street musicians play-all these can describe the old part of the city. New Albufeira is full of night life, the lights of hundreds of bars and discos flickering. There is a sense of freedom here. In addition, the weather in Albufeira is Sunny almost all year round!

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

What to see and where to go

Cacela Velha is a charming fishing village on the East coast of the Algarve near Karangasem. This village, perched on a high cliff with traditional white buildings and a Church, can be seen from the sea. On the shore, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Eastern lagoon and the edge of the Formosa National Park.

Parque Natural da Ria Farmosa is a Park on the East coast between long stretches of sand and swamps. Remote from the sea by Islands-dunes, this place is home to numerous birds, reptiles and crustaceans. On the territory of the city, you can rent a yacht or a small boat for a leisurely walk.

Tavira is one of the most beautiful cities in the Algarve, beautifully spread out on the side of the Gilao River. Here you can see the huge bridge-the Ponte Romana, which connects the banks of the river in the center of the city. It is worth a walk along the embankment and sit in one of the many cafes in the shade of palm trees. You can go to the port, take the ferry to Ilha de Tavira, or enter the ruins of a Moorish castle located on a hill above the Old town.

In Tavira, you can see Santa Maria do Castelo, a Church with beautiful walls and an old tower.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

Culture, cuisine and traditions

There are many fishing ports on the Algarve coast, so the traditional cuisine is dominated by fresh fish and seafood. In the Algarve, a huge amount of fish is caught during daily fishing. It serves tuna, sardines, swordfish and bream. Shrimps, octopuses, crabs, squid, mussels, oysters, crayfish, squid, cuttlefish are popular seafood.

Garlic is an essential ingredient in Portuguese cuisine. It is widely used in many dishes. Piri-Piri spice, made from red pepper, is also often used in local dishes. The best dishes of Portuguese cuisine are prepared using simple methods. For example, a typical regional dish "bakalhau" is made from dried, salted cod, the taste of which is much better than the appearance.

The name of the dish "Cataplana" comes from the dishes in which the food is prepared. The tightly closed lid of the round pot prevents the release of aromas. The dish is served on the table in this pot. The best cataplanas are made from seafood combined with peppers, potatoes or rice cooked in wine.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

Most of the wine sold in the Algarve comes from other parts of Portugal (from Bairrada in the North, Extremadura near Lisbon, from Alentejo). In the Algarve region, the towns of Lagoa, Portman and Tavira also produce their own wine. For beer lovers, there are three national brands: Sagres, Super Bock and Cristal. Portuguese beer is strong and inexpensive.

As for culture and traditions, the Portuguese are a people who know how to enjoy life. They take their time and always find time for a Cup of coffee and socializing with friends. For the Portuguese, lunch is a two-hour ritual, and evening games and meetings can seem to drag on forever. Portugal is a Catholic country (more than 90% of the inhabitants call themselves Catholics).

The Portuguese are very hospitable, they kiss on both cheeks when they meet. They are also very fond of feasting and celebrating. Each region in Portugal has its own culinary characteristics. In addition, Portugal is a country with a rich musical tradition. It is famous for ballads, a unique variety of Blues and other popular music.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

Travel tip

In southern Portugal, folk traditions and customs are still important, which can be admired every year during regional festivals and traditional pilgrimages. Some of these events have turned into amazing holidays lasting many days or weeks.

The official language in southern Portugal is Portuguese. Spanish and English are also spoken here. The main currency is the Euro, but some establishments accept dollar cards. If you are going to Portugal, you should take several pairs of comfortable shoes with you (most of the roads are laid with small paving stones). The criminal situation in the region is calm, but recently the number of petty thefts at airports and train stations has increased.

Red flags on the coast mean that swimming in this place is prohibited, and green-the opposite.

South of Portugal — A Great Place for Yachting and Cruising

The southern coast of Portugal is a must-visit city. The amazing atmosphere, friendliness and cheerful people around – that's why thousands of tourists come here every year. Of course, do not forget about the many historical attractions, beaches and parks.

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