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The Largest Yacht Parks in Portugal

Yacht infrastructure in Portugal, main marinas, services for yachtsmen. High and low season of yachting, interesting places, hotels and restaurants.

Yacht trips along the coast of Portugal are gaining popularity every year. Frequently asked questions about Portugal: what to do in the country, how to rent a yacht, what to visit when traveling? The country attracts yachtsmen with its beautiful Atlantic beaches, ancient architecture and developed infrastructure. The marinas in Portugal are located in places that are closed from wind and waves, and some Parking lots are "hidden" in the estuaries of rivers. Most yachtsmen choose the South of Portugal, which is where the best beaches are located.


The main Marina

Travel along the coast of Portugal is convenient to start from major cities. This is due to the proximity of the airport and the presence of Charter companies. International airports of Portugal are located in Lisbon, Porto and Faro. To rent a yacht without a skipper, you need an RYA or IYT certificate.

Doca de Belem (38 ° 41, 62’E, 9 ° 12, 23’S) — one of the best marinas in Lisbon, is a 10-minute walk from historical attractions. It can accommodate 190 yachts up to 12 meters long. Doca de Alcantara (35°42`556'N9°9`596'W) is a Parking lot at the mouth of the Tagus river in Lisbon. It is located one kilometer from the April 25 Bridge. Famous museums, historical and architectural monuments can be found within walking distance from the harbour. The Parking lot is well protected from the wind, it has 370 seats. The restriction on the length of the yacht is 20 meters. The airport is 15 km away from the Marina. At the exit from Lisbon, there is a small Marina in Cascais (38°41`321'N9°24`561'W).

Marina de Portimao (37°7'N 8°31'W) is a yacht stop in the city of Portimao in the South of the country. It is located on the right Bank of the Arade River, at its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean. There are 620 seats available for yachtsmen. The length of the yacht must not exceed 50 meters. The Marina serves catamarans with a width of no more than 9 meters. There is an airport 8 km away from the harbour, but most flights land at Faro international airport, 50 km from the port of Porto. The Marina accepts yachts for winter storage.

Marina da Afurada is located in the city of Porto in the North of The country, in the Delta of the Duero River. The city has its own airport named after Francisco Sa Carneiro, 11 km away from the center. The Marina is located almost in the city center, within walking distance from the Arrabida Bridge. Yachtsmen can go out to the Atlantic from here, or go on a river cruise up the river. The Parking lot is designed for 300 yachts up to 50 meters long. Charter companies are based on the territory of the Marina.

North of Porto, in Matosinhos, is the Marina de Leixões (41 11.0'N 8º 42.3'W). Within walking distance from the Parking lot is a yacht club, gastronomic and entertainment venues.

The Largest Yacht Parks in Portugal

Marina infrastructure

Portugal is one of the countries where you can sail all year round. Most yacht stops are located on the territory of ports, or in the immediate vicinity of them. The city center can be reached on foot. in extreme cases, you will need to travel several stops by public transport. The main language of communication is Portuguese, but employees of ports, hotels and restaurants often understand English. Euro is accepted as the only currency in the country. Popular resorts sometimes accept dollars, but it is better to come to Portugal with euros in cash.

The standard list of services in marinas includes toilets and showers, fuel filling, access to water and electricity, Internet, waste disposal. Many Parking lots are equipped with a dry dock for repair and maintenance of yachts. Parking rates are set by each Marina individually. The cost of a seat depends on the time of year and the size of the vessel. The extended service includes Laundry, hotel, and mail services. There are yacht clubs and schools near the major marinas where you can learn to be a skipper. Restaurants, bars and other establishments are often located within walking distance from the pier.

Most shops in Portugal close for an afternoon Siesta. This does not apply to large shopping centers and supermarkets.

The Largest Yacht Parks in Portugal

Hotels and restaurants nearby

Marina de Portimao is located in the resort area, the hotel infrastructure is developed at the highest level. The "Tivoli Marina Portimao Algarve Hotel “is located right on the pier. Near the Parking lot there are hotels "Algarve Riomar", "Vila Lido", "Hotel Oriental", "Santa Catarina". You can have lunch or a snack in the restaurants "Senhora Da Rocha", "O Bónezinho", "NoSoloÁgua Portimao".

In Porto, you can stop at RODANI or Area Costa Camper Afurada near the Marina. Near the bridge there are hotels "Ibis Porto Gaia" and "Novotel Porto". If you want to have a snack, you can visit the restaurants "Forneria Sao Pedro", "A Margem", "Armazem do Peixe", "O Cantinho". In the Marina of Matosinhos there is a hotel "Verusarius", a little further you can stay in"Casa das Mares".

You can dine in the restaurants "Atelier Club 1930", "O Novo Casarão do Castelo", "O Arquinho do Castelo".

In Lisbon, the nearest hotels to Doca de Alcantara are "Lisboa Loft 007", "Olival 178", and “Lisbon" Inn Lapa Suites". Nearby restaurants are "O Infante", "Come Prima", "Olival dos Rosas". Those who are moored in Doca de Belem can stay in "Hotel Jeronimos 28", "Altis Belem Hotel & Spa". On the waterfront there is an Italian restaurant "Nosolo Italia "and a Portuguese restaurant"Portugália Cervejaria Belém".

The Largest Yacht Parks in Portugal

What to do while Parking?

In the ports and on the city's embankments, representatives of local travel agencies invite you to boat trips, trips to national and natural parks, gastronomic and fishing tours. Tour buses run in many cities. They take tourists to the main attractions, the duration of the trip is 2-2. 5 hours. You can go for a walk around the city on your own.

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Iconic sights of the capital include the statue of Christ the Savior, Belen tower, St. George's castle, Jeronimos monastery, Vasco da Gama Bridge, Carmelite monastery, Alfama district.

In the Porto, you can visit the Crystal Palace Park, the Clerigos Church, the Lello bookstore, The Fernandina fortress, the Museum of modern art, and the Ribeira quarter.

Portimao is located on the southern coast of the country. Among the attractions, tourists visit the Church of the Jesuit College, the fortress of Santa Catarina, the chapel of St. Jose. In addition to sightseeing, you can go kayaking, surfing, Windsurfing, jet skiing or water skiing. Here is one of the best water parks in Portugal – "Aqualand Algarve" with extreme slides and other water attractions.

The Largest Yacht Parks in Portugal

Climate and seasonality

Portugal has a Mediterranean climate that produces mild winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature Portugal is positive, frosts occur only in the mountains. In winter, in the North of the country, the average temperature is kept at 8-10°C, on the southern coast, the air warms up to 15°C. Winter is a time of cyclones with precipitation and Gale-force winds.

In summer, the air temperature in the Northern regions is 25-27°C. In the South, the thermometer rises to 28-30°C, extreme heat in Portugal does not happen.

The high season is in the summer, when many people try to combine yachting with beach and sightseeing holidays. The water in the ocean warms up to 20-23°C, and a refreshing breeze dilutes the midday heat with a pleasant coolness. In winter, the ocean is stormy, but experienced yachtsmen purposefully choose this time to improve their yacht management skills in extreme conditions. Due to the low demand for yachts, Charter companies offer good discounts.

The Largest Yacht Parks in Portugal

Portugal is a colorful country with a rich history, gorgeous beaches and medieval attractions. Yachtsmen loved it for its comfortable climate, favorable wind and long coastline. There are three main destinations for cruising: the North of Portugal (Porto and its surroundings), the Lisbon Riviera and the South coast. Yacht rental is available in major cities, and there are enough marinas in the country with the necessary infrastructure (water, electricity, Internet, repairs). In summer, the marinas are crowded, it is better to request a place for mooring in advance. During the day, you can dock at any place you like to swim in the sea or relax on the beach.

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