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Best Places for Sea Fishing

What should I know before fishing? What are the most popular places for fishing?

It is considered that fishing is an exclusively male hobby. Although, this statement can be argued, many women have recently become addicted to this exciting activity. On the one hand, fishing is very similar to meditation: complete peace, silence and peace. On the other hand, it is a frenzied excitement. After all, nothing is more exciting than a rich catch, which you get thanks to your dexterity and luck. Fishing in Norway is especially popular, the Seychelles, the Bahamas, and Costa Rica.


Features saltwater fishing

It is important to understand that river and sea fishing are not the same thing. The differences concern both the inhabitants of the sea and the gear needed for fishing. In addition, to fish in sea waters, special skills and abilities are required. Even experienced fishermen can fail.

A great idea would be to combine fishing with a vacation on a yacht. While the rest of the team will be basking on the beach or sightseeing, you can completely give yourself up to your favorite hobby.

Pre-study the varieties of marine life, learn how to catch them. The most suitable time for fishing is August, when the weather is stable and nothing prevents you from enjoying the process. However, this does not apply to all regions. For example, in the Seychelles, fishing will be most successful from November to April.

If you have rented a yacht with a team, then if necessary, you will be readily trained in basic fishing techniques, and will be advised on how best to organize the process in order to achieve good results. In addition, if you agree with the crew, the precious catch can be prepared directly on Board. Believe me, fresh fish cooked on the spot will seem the most delicious dish that you have ever tasted.

Best Places for Sea Fishing

Nuances to be aware of when planning to go fishing

  • Marine life is a constant struggle for survival, so they are much more active than their freshwater relatives.
  • When the weather changes for the worse, the fish stops responding to the bait, focusing on finding a safe haven.
  • Trying to catch something during a storm is a failed idea. The inhabitants of the sea swim away from the coast or hiding at the bottom.
  • You need to throw the bait far and accurately.
  • The first hours after a storm are the best time to fish. The fish has managed to get hungry and will gladly swallow the bait.
  • Fishing in winter is best away from the coast, in the absence of wind on stable ice.
  • Catching a catch from the shore is much more difficult. Rent a yacht and go out to sea.

Best Places for Sea Fishing

Popular places for fishing in the sea

Every fisherman dreams of a decent catch, which will not be ashamed to show off to friends. So where should an avid angler go to realize his cherished desires? When planning a sea fishing trip, take note of several directions.

Best Places for Sea Fishing


When going to the Seychelles, yachts you should book a few months in advance. Since this place is famous for its huge fish reserves, fishermen from all over the world rush here for trophies. There are many types of fish in the Seychelles: white Fox, dog-toothed tuna, baleen perch, six-striped caranx, etc.

They fish, as a rule, in the area of the inner group of Islands. The most popular of them are La Digue Island, Mahe and Praslin.

Successful fishing is guaranteed to everyone who comes to the Seychelles. However, experienced fishermen still select the most suitable period for fishing. From November to April, the ocean is calm and predictable, so you can catch a lot more fish. At any time of the year, you can catch tuna, snapper, Barracuda, reef shark, and Golden mackerel. Sailfish and Marlin will be caught only in November-May and November-February.

Best Places for Sea Fishing

Exotic Portugal

In Portugal, fishing will be successful from June to October. The coast of the country is washed by the warm Atlantic Ocean, coastal waters become a haven for numerous species of fish and other marine life. Here you can catch mackerel, caranx, tuna, Barracuda, Marlin. Fans of exotic will suit the taste of night hunting for swordfish or shark.

Fish in Portugal is caught mainly by trolling. To do this, several spinning rods are installed on the boat at once. However, you can't do without a reliable tackle with this method of fishing. The elements of the tackle must withstand heavy loads, so you only need to fish from a specially equipped vessel.

Best Places for Sea Fishing

Cold waters of Norway

When planning a Norwegian fjords tours, it is simply impossible to give up fishing. The Norwegians themselves are proud to say that in their veins instead of blood flows sea water. Of course, this statement is just a fiction, but the Norwegians really love the sea.

Fishing in Norway is possible all year round. High season is the summer months when locals and visiting tourists try to make the most of the long daylight hours and warm weather. Fishing in other months is no less attractive. The cost of renting yachts and other services naturally decreases, and there are fewer people.

The winter period is most favorable for cod fishing. Norwegian waters are rich in sea trout, halibut, salmon, haddock, sea flounder, mackerel, sea devil, Molva, Cusk (fish). You can continue indefinitely. All these untold riches are available during the sea fishing in Norway tour.

Best Places for Sea Fishing

The abundance of the Bahamas

Avid fishermen go to the Bahamas for unique trophies, a lot of vivid impressions and just a good rest. First of all, trophy fishing involves catching Marlin, shark and tuna. In addition, the Bahamian waters are home to a wide variety of exotic fish.

Fishing in the mangrove forests that grow right in the water will be exciting. Of course, it is not easy for single tourists to find a suitable place. In this situation, you should use the services of experienced guides who will tell you and demonstrate what, where and how to fish for a fee.

Specially equipped yachts are used for ocean fishing. Strength and reliability — a prerequisite for successful hunting. Recently, fishing on the principle of "catch-let go “is gaining popularity in the Bahamas.

Best Places for Sea Fishing

Ocean fishing in Costa Rica

This small state is considered to be one of the best places to catch exotic fish species throughout the year. Due to its proximity to the equator in Costa Rica, all animals, birds and plants are very unusual.

The special charm is that in a short period of time you can have time to fish in two different oceans: the Pacific and the Atlantic. You can fish on a regular fishing boat, a comfortable yacht or a boat. It all depends on your financial capabilities. If you rent a special fishing boat, there will be no problems with the equipment for fishing.

In Costa Rica, they catch large tuna (up to 300 kg in weight), sailfish, king mackerel, Dorado, Barracuda and other exotic fish that are rarely found in the middle latitudes.

Best Places for Sea Fishing

The excellent fishing spots listed above are just a small part of the fishing grounds that are worth considering when planning a boat trip. The choice for fishermen and yachtsmen is truly endless. Every nook and cranny on the planet, every new country or water area is a storm of emotions, an opportunity to catch a cherished trophy and make your dream come true.

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