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Classification of Cruise Companies and Ships

There are many travel companies that organize sea cruises. The quality of their services depends directly on the class of the cruise line.

When planning around world cruise on a ship or a short trip during a long-awaited vacation, everyone carefully examines the cruise companies. His attention is primarily drawn to their classes. It is worth noting that the classification of cruise companies is very conditional. There is no official division of travel agencies that organize sea cruises into classes. However, they are usually divided into three categories. It is on them that the traveler is guided when choosing a company and studying the cruise ship cost.


Classes of cruise companies and their differences

Travel companies that organize sea cruises are divided into three main classes: standard, premium, and luxury. This division does not have an official status — it is a well-thought-out marketing move aimed at attracting the attention of potential customers. The same company may own completely different vessels that differ in size, capacity, crew composition and quality of service. It is by living conditions on board that a comparison cruise ships is made.

Classification of Cruise Companies and Ships

The company's choice of «Standard» class

Such travel agencies provide services to vacationers at relatively low prices. The best option for those who are primarily interested in the cruise deal Europe. As a rule, vessels of this category are very large, with a capacity of up to 4,000 people and even more.

There are a huge number of public areas and entertainment options on Board. In the evening, the ship hosts exciting show programs with the participation of artists, music and dance evenings, auctions, etc. On ships of this class, there are stores that have the advantage of duty-free trade (while the ship is in neutral waters).

When you find out cheap cruise deal and how much a ticket for a ship of this category costs, you should know that when you make a trip, you already pay for everything you need. Food served in the main (free) restaurant, on the food court (buffet), soft drinks (coffee, tea, water). You do not need to pay extra for swimming in the pool, using sun beds or a Jacuzzi. You will only have to pay extra for special services, such as meals in alternative establishments.

Choose such companies should be those who like to relax in a noisy company or are going to go on a sea trip with children. On Board there is a large amount of entertainment for adults and young passengers. Transportation is carried out on standard ring routes.

When considering the differences between the cruise ship classes, keep in mind that on Board ships of the Standard class, the cabins are quite small, which explains their impressive capacity. However, special rooms (suites) are provided for those who prefer a more peaceful and secluded holiday. For those who appreciate increased comfort, there are even specially equipped private areas. They can include a small private courtyard with a pool and garden — all the amenities for privileged guests.

Classification of Cruise Companies and Ships

What the «Premium» class company promises

The different types cruise ships designed for cruises from companies of this class are characterized by less capacity. By reducing the number of passengers, the size of the cabins increases. And in General, the atmosphere on such ships is more comfortable and calm. The quality of food in restaurants and the level of service also differ for the better, compared to ships of the "Standard" category.

The decoration of the ships of cruise companies Premium used more expensive and quality materials, the public areas are decorated with fresh flowers and various art works. On the tables in restaurants, visitors will find exquisite serving, toiletries from famous brands, instead of paper towels — cotton products and much more. All this distinguishes the premium of the company.

By purchasing a ticket to such a cruise, tourists also receive free meals in the main establishments, can swim in the pool, use equipment and other services included in the price of the trip. The same as on ships from a standard company, only with the highest level of service.

Thanks to the increased number of staff, each passenger gets maximum attention. These cruises are longer and the routes are not looped.

Classification of Cruise Companies and Ships

Distinctive features of a «Luxury» company

These companies are distinguished by the best service on Board and excellent cuisine. As a rule, luxury companies organize cruises on small ships with a capacity of up to 800 people, which are accessible to small secluded coves and ports. First-class service is provided due to the large number of service personnel.

The price of the tour usually includes accommodation in spacious suites, any drinks (even alcoholic). In the rooms of the cruise are available for wine, beer, juices, water and complimentary champagne. In addition, the staff will be happy to clean shoes or iron any of the passengers ' clothing. Vessels of this class are decorated with the most expensive materials, in restaurants tables are served with exclusive silverware, and food is prepared by famous chefs. This is an ideal company option for those who appreciate a beautiful life without worries.

Classification of Cruise Companies and Ships

The actual differences between cruise companies: does it make sense to pay more

There is almost no big difference between standard and luxury conditions. Each cruise company tries to satisfy its customers as much as possible during a sea trip. The differences are worth talking about except from the point of view of the vacationers themselves.

For those who like to actively have fun during the trip, tends to noisy and fun pastime, nothing prevents you from choosing the class of companies "Standard". "Premium" provides almost the same, and the prices for vouchers do not differ too much. Only on Board it will be quieter and you will be able to go to some unusual port.

"Lux" is really strikingly different from the above classes. This is a completely different level of sea cruises. Guests will enjoy an exceptional atmosphere, fine cuisine, luxury and high-class service. For such services, do not regret the overpaid money.

Classification of Cruise Companies and Ships

Classes of cruise ships

Often, in the descriptions of the proposed tours, companies indicate the star rating of ships (similar to hotels). This is just a marketing ploy, as with the classification of the companies themselves. The division into classes of cruise ships is also conditional.

When planning a trip, you should pay attention not to the conventional stars, which more characterize the level of service, but to the technical equipment of the vessel and its design features. So, if the ship does not have a walking deck, you will not be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea during a walk or morning jog, even if you buy the most expensive Ticket for a luxury cruise. After all, travel companies, including luxury ones, do not build ships themselves, they buy them and then equip them according to their standards.

Classification of Cruise Companies and Ships

When going on a sea trip, remember that the level of service depends largely on the company's policy and the staff on Board. You can have a good rest and get a lot of wonderful impressions regardless of the chosen classification of the company. After all, in any case, a cruise is an unforgettable pleasure.

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