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Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

Representatives of MSC Cruises announced the opening of a private island. Ocean Cay suddenly became the highlight of the company's cruise routes.

MSC Cruises has created a beautiful Paradise for its guests, which is now included in the Caribbean routes. The island of Ocean Cay MSC is an unsurpassed beauty place with unique flora and fauna. Here, travelers can see the boundless ocean, clear water and magnificent beaches in all its glory. Everyone can relax and have fun at their own pleasure.


The opening of the private island of Ocean Cay

At the end of 2015, MSC Cruises leased a small uninhabited island from the government of the Bahamas for a period of 100 years. It is part of the Bahamas archipelago and is located 105 km East of Miami. Initially, the completion of work on the development of Ocean Cay MSC Marine reserve Bahamas was scheduled for November 2018. For a number of reasons, construction work was not completed on time (there were difficulties with the delivery of materials and a strong storm in the Caribbean). The Grand opening took place only in early November 2019.

The creation of this unique marine reserve is estimated at about 200 million euros. More than 5 hundred highly qualified specialists were involved in the work. In just 4 years, the cruise company managed to turn the once industrial territory (previously sand mining was carried out on the island) into a unique natural oasis of Ocean Cay.

It was the environmental aspect that was put at the forefront during the formation of the new tourist zone. This was done so that every visitor could experience the beauty of recreation in the abode of natural nature, realize the importance of protecting the ocean and coral reefs, and learn to appreciate natural beauty.

Going on a sea trip, during cheap cruise excursions, tourists tend not only to enjoy the magnificent views from the ship, but also to visit amazing places as part of the tour program. Exotic Islands, nature reserves, different countries and cities — all this is definitely worth seeing.

Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

The wonderful island of Ocean Cay in all its glory

There are 7 beaches on the coast of MSC Marine reserve. Each beach area, covered with the best aragonite sand in the world, is unique in its own way. Travelers who gravitate to silence and solitude can enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach, bask in the rays of the gentle, warm sun. Lovers of active pastime will enjoy beach games and numerous water sports.

All beaches are equipped with comfortable sun loungers, umbrellas, bungalows, some of them can be rented for the whole day beach cabin. The big lagoon is a Paradise for lovers of swimming and sports events. "Family lagoon" is more suitable for vacationers with small children. For young tourists on the island of Ocean Cay Bahamas, there is a lot of entertainment.

Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

You won't be bored on Ocean Cay

Some people prefer to enjoy nature, leisurely strolling along the coast, while others prefer active recreation. Both of them will spend time here with pleasure.

If this is not enough, you can rent a small isolated island for a while. A group of fans of "exclusive" entertainment is taken there by boat and left for the whole day. Of course, nothing to do with the fate of Robinson Crusoe vacationers will not experience. In a remote area, they will find all the same amenities: sun loungers, drinks, tents and hammocks. But the special atmosphere and the old wreck nearby, where you can go snorkeling, guarantee an indescribable experience!

When you get to the MSC Ocean Cay, the price of the trip will not worry you anymore. Staying in this amazing place is definitely worth the money. Family activities, dancing, numerous sports games, tournaments, diving, kayaking — only part of what guests are offered as an entertainment program on the island.

Ocean Cay is located near Miami. In the evenings, special tours are organized here, during which you can enjoy the amazing beauty of the sunset. Rest assured, you will not see the same splendor anywhere else in the world. Those who want to retire with their significant other can arrange an unforgettable romantic catamaran ride. By the way, there may not be a better reason to make an offer.

Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

Exclusive wedding ceremony

A wedding is a special event that you want to capture in your memory for the rest of your life. Having a wedding on Ocean Cay is a great idea for those who want to turn the ceremony into an exotic holiday. Having arranged your little Paradise on a snow-white beach near the vast expanses of the ocean, you will definitely never forget this event and will not part with your soulmate.

The ceremony can be arranged for about 40 people. For the event, guests of the island are provided with everything they need: sun loungers, food and drinks, a boat for skiing.

Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

Exotic shopping

Vacationers who can't imagine a day without shopping should not worry. There are 4 shopping areas on Ocean Cay. On their territory, you can buy a variety of Souvenirs, memorabilia and much more for a good holiday.

For example, Bahamian Shop & Market sells unique Bahamian-themed Souvenirs. These products are made by local artisans. Please your friends and family with such gifts is a great idea. In addition to cute trinkets, you can buy beachwear, towels, sun protection products and accessories at the MSC Shop and Ocean Cay branded outlets. And in the Welcome center, you can get previously made orders.

Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

Food on the island

You can eat during the cruise not only on the liner, but also on the Ocean Cay itself. Drinks and snacks are plentiful on the beach.

There is a buffet where you can have a meal with the whole family at any time. Special food carts run around the island. There are bars on each of the beaches. There are 7 of them in total, and each has its own special atmosphere. A cocktail bar on the lighthouse with a magnificent view of the ocean, an ice cream parlor with an incredible variety of children's favorite treats, and a coffee bar where tourists are offered a fresh, invigorating drink.

A variety of drinks are available at an additional cost. By the way, you can pay extra directly on Board the ship by updating the existing package of services.

Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

Ships calling at Ocean Cay

As part of the cruise, travelers are delivered to the island by 4 ships of MSC Cruises.

The MSC Armonia is an ideal vessel for couples with children and young people. There are many entertainment facilities on Board, including for young passengers. Bars, restaurants, casinos, a video game club — all this will be appreciated by lovers of night life.

MSC Seaside. Another ship, a trip on which will give guests a lot of unforgettable impressions. A distinctive feature of this liner is an interactive water Park, where adults and children can have fun from the heart. On the 16th deck there is an unusual glazed alley, walking along it you can appreciate all the splendor of the vast expanses of the sea.

MSC Meraviglia is one of the largest liners in the world. On Board, the famous Cirque du Soleil gives a performance. Only guests of MSC Cruises can see this amazing show.

MSC Divina. Sea travel on this ship will appeal to connoisseurs of expensive, refined recreation. The highest level of service, excellent cuisine, Butler service and a variety of SPA treatments will make your trip truly unforgettable.

Exclusive from MSC — Cruises to the Island of Ocean Cay

Many people dream of spending a long — awaited vacation on a sea cruise. The cruise company MSC Cruises will help to implement it. A trip to the island of Ocean Cay will undoubtedly be one of the most impressive events that will be remembered for many years to come.

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