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Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

The most common questions about sea cruises and detailed answers to them. Up-to-date information for those who are planning a sea trip.

A sea cruise ship is an analog of a modern hotel with all amenities. During the trip, it becomes the passenger's second home. But due to numerous prejudices, many tourists still do not dare to discover a new format of recreation. Below is a selection of popular questions with detailed answers that will help potential travelers learn everything they need about cruise ships.


How expensive is it?

The main mass of those who want to go on a cruise is deterred by the myth of sky-high prices for vouchers. Due to the huge competition, operators are forced to reduce the cost of vouchers and improve the quality of service. A day's stay on a liner costs an average of 30-50 euros, which is equivalent to the cost of living in an average hotel. If you choose a tour correctly, you can buy cruise at the price of a trip to the resort. And given the fact that during the trip you will be able to see several cities and countries, the costs are quite justified. Cheap cruises should be looked for in the off-season, or shortly before the departure of the liner.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

What is included in the price?

On sites that sell cruise ship tickets, prices, cruise deals are shown for the entire tour. The ticket price includes accommodation in the selected cabin, meals in the main restaurant and buffet, entertainment (swimming pool, gym, cinema, video games, etc.), visit to the children's game club. In addition, you need to pay for meals in alternative establishments, drinks, SPA treatments, shore excursions, visits to some shows and concerts, Laundry services, service and port fees. Companies from the middle and high price categories include the service fee in the tour price. It is worth considering this nuance at the planning stage, when there is a question about which cruise to choose and take cruise vacation.

Gratuities (service charges) are paid on a mandatory basis. The amount varies from 5 to 10 dollars (euros) per day per passenger, including a child, regardless of age.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

Is the ship connected to the outside world?

This is a topical issue for those who need to keep in touch with their family or business partners. Internet access is available on cruises at an additional cost. You can access the Internet cruise ship via Wi-Fi directly from the cabin, or use the services of the computer club. The Internet is not very fast, but it is quite possible to communicate in messengers, study information about visited regions, or upload photos to social networks. You can use the phone in the cabin to make calls.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

Is a cruise a monotony every day?

Some routes include days when the liner does not enter the port at all, and some tourists are afraid of getting bored. In practice, it is on such days that special attention is paid to the entertainment program. There is always something going on the ship: master classes, contests, concerts, and sweepstakes. You can play a team game, and then relax with pleasant music in the bar with a refreshing drink. Those who wish can indulge in shopping, recharge their energy in the SPA or spend time in the gym, and fight virtual opponents in video games. More modern ships are equipped with water parks, climbing walls, surf simulators, and rope parks. Often it turns out the opposite — tourists do not have enough time for all the entertainment.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

Are cruises designed for seniors?

Some still believe that the majority of passengers are retired people who decided to see the world after going on a well — deserved vacation. Once it was, but now the concept of cruise companies has changed. Sea tours are aimed at all categories of tourists: young people, families with children, older people, and single travelers. Entertainment infrastructure implies a lot of options for interesting pastime.

For active recreation, there are playgrounds for sports games, a gym, and extreme rides. For young tourists, there are bars and night clubs, and open-air parties are held. Fans of social events are waiting for concerts and evening shows in the theater. For those who prefer a city-style vacation, there are shops, fine dining restaurants, and casinos. Separate game clubs are provided for children, where children are supervised by Tutors while their parents relax at their own pleasure.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

Will it be comfortable in the cabin?

Cruise liners are equipped with comfortable cabins. Passengers have access to a bathroom with hygiene products, a bed and other necessary furniture, a TV, a safe, and a telephone. In General, cabins are divided into several categories, everyone can choose the best option according to their needs and financial capabilities. Budget rooms include interior cabins without Windows. External cabins are distinguished by the presence of a window with a full or partial view. There are more comfortable cabins with a balcony that can be used as a private space to relax. The area of the above rooms varies from 14 to 18 m2, which is quite enough for a comfortable trip. Suites are larger in size. They are divided into sleeping and guest areas, and there is always a spacious balcony.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

Will there be a feeling of crowding on the ship?

Modern Airliners impress with their capacity — up to 4,000 passengers can be on Board. This is a real floating city with shops, restaurants, promenades, recreation areas. Everything is designed so that passengers feel free and comfortable. Theater shows are held in two shifts so that everyone can see them. You can retire to the library, read a newspaper in a cozy cafe or relax in the SPA.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

Will I lose my shape?

A common stereotype is that everyone gets overweight on a cruise. But the restaurant menu is varied, and you can always choose low-calorie dishes. If it's hard to resist delicious food, you can burn calories on the treadmill or in the gym. Guests can enjoy yoga or aerobics, play sports, or take a swim in the pool.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

Can I go on a cruise with my baby?

According to the rules, children from 6 months of age are allowed on Board. A cot, separate baby food and a high chair are available on request in the restaurant. A nanny can be hired for excursions and evening events at an additional cost. But on some cruises, it is forbidden to take children under 16 or even 18 years old. This is practiced on expedition routes in exotic and hard-to-reach regions.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

What things to take on a trip?

When packing a suitcase, you need to start from personal needs, the season and duration of the trip. In the evening, some cruise ships have a dress code on Board, so for restaurants and social events, an evening dress for women and a suit for men are required. Entrance to the gym is strictly allowed in sports shoes. All liners are equipped with swimming pools, so you should have a bathing suit with you. Towels and toiletries are provided in the bathroom. Passengers who prefer products of a particular brand can use their own funds. In summer, as well as when traveling in the southern regions, you will need sunscreen cosmetics.

On the ship there are sockets of European and American types, it is not superfluous to have an adapter for charging gadgets. You should stock up on batteries for your camera. You can buy them at the ship's store, but at inflated prices. We strongly recommend that you bring a first aid kit.

The basic set includes painkillers and antipyretics, tablets for motion sickness and food poisoning, a patch and dressings. All this can be purchased on Board, but regular aspirin will cost more than at the pharmacy. The same applies to consulting a doctor.

Frequent Questions About Cruises: Myths and Stereotypes

A cruise is a worthy alternative to land travel. Their popularity is only gaining momentum, and many tourists are tormented by doubts. But modern ships have a high level of comfort and developed infrastructure. You can always find something to do, even if the ship is at sea all day. The ship's cabins are quite spacious and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The interior of the liner is well thought out, and there is no sense of pandemonium on Board. The entertainment program is designed for passengers of all ages.

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