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Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Types of bars on cruise ships, assortment, approximate cost and payment methods. Bar rules, restrictions, and drink cards.

Recently, sea best cruise deals are gaining popularity among travelers, and trips are no more expensive than a package tour to Greece, Turkey or another "beach" country. A sea cruise includes visits to several countries and activities on Board. But in addition to cabins, food and entertainment, many travelers are interested in cruise alcohol. Drinks in the range are sold in bars, and prices will be higher than in similar places on the coast. When planning a trip, you can find on the Internet a detailed cruise ship review with a list and features of establishments. Understanding the intricacies of ship bars will help you save money and at the same time not deny yourself the pleasure.


Bars on a cruise ship

On tourist ships, there are up to a dozen places where you can find alcohol. Their exact number depends on the capacity and concept of the establishment, as well as on the cruise line itself. There are regular bars where you can enjoy a glass of beer or a soft drink in between entertainment. Other establishments specialize exclusively in wines, cocktails, or spirits.

There are themed bars, for example, in the style of Mexico, Africa, New York. They are appropriately decorated and offer traditional drinks and snacks. There are music bars. There you cannot just drink, but also listen to a concert of talented performers. You don't have to drink your purchased drinks at the bar — you can order a cocktail and sit with it on the open deck, or go to another public place. The glass must be returned to the institution. If you want to take it as a souvenir, you should order a drink in souvenir dishes.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Fees and payment beverages

On cruise ship alcohol is charged separately. But many tourists are struck by the prices. You will have to pay a few dollars for one beer or wine. A glass of exclusive alcohol or an author's cocktail will cost about $ 10. On many liners there are "happy hours" when there are good discounts on all menus or individual items. Only cashless payments are used on Airliners. Funds are debited from the on-Board card that each guest receives at the beginning of the cruise.

If desired, you can find cruise where some drinks are already included in the price. The German company AIDA has such offers. In addition to water, tea and coffee, passengers can count on wine and beer in the restaurant during main meals. You can also attend tastings to save money. It is enough to pay a fixed amount for admission to the event, and in return enjoy a few glasses of drink. Savings of up to 50%.

It is more profitable to order wine in bottles. The rest of the drink can be taken to the cabin and consumed the next day.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Working hours of establishments

Cruise drinks package can be found on cruise ships at any time of the day. Establishments open in turn. You can start the morning with a light cocktail and enjoy a cold beer by the pool at lunch. Establishments located near the "party" places serve customers until late at night. You can find out about the working hours of the bars in the on-Board newspaper. Announcements of promotions and tastings are also published there.

The number of establishments is directly proportional to the ship's capacity. This eliminates situations with a shortage of available seats. Although some places are more popular. For example, before an evening show at the theater, guests gather in the lounge for a Martini or cocktail. And in the midday hours there is a full house in the pool bar.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships


The list of drinks in ship establishments will surprise even the most demanding gourmets. In the bar you can find alcohol for every taste — from budget beer and wine to signature cocktails. There are places that offer premium spirits of well-known brands. But in most cases, the range is designed for the preferences of ordinary passengers, so gourmets should not rely on the exotic. The exceptions are premium and luxury cruise liners. On the website of the selected cruise line, you can get acquainted with the menu of ship establishments in advance. The bars also serve soda and soft drinks (juices, sodas, fruit cocktails, bottled water, coffee).

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Is there a limit to the number of drinks

There are no restrictions on the purchase of beverages. You can make orders based on your wishes and needs. When buying another portion, the waiter asks you to sign a receipt for further debiting. There are partial restrictions for passengers who bought a package of drinks. In a particular bar, they can buy one drink at a time. This is practiced so that adventurous tourists do not use one card for several people. The bartender also has the right to refuse service to customers who have had too much and lost control of themselves.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Do I need to leave a tip

On most liners, tips are included in the price of the drink by default. Their size is 12-18% of the value of the selected position. The exact figure depends on the policy of the particular cruise company. But if the client wishes, it is not forbidden to reward the bartender for good service. There is also a service fee on ships. It is mandatory to pay for it regardless of the number of services ordered. The funds received imply remuneration of service personnel for high-quality service.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Smoking in bars

Now the liners are actively implementing a policy aimed at combating Smoking. It is difficult to find an institution where you can combine the use of your favorite drink with a cigarette. Some ships have bars on the open deck for Smoking tourists. But in most cases, special places are reserved for Smoking. The exception is cigar bars, where everyone can smoke with a glass of strong alcohol. Some cruise lines allow Smoking in casinos.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Age restrictions

On ships of American lines, alcohol is released to guests who have reached the age of 21. On the liners of European cruise companies, alcohol is available to passengers from 18 years of age. On transatlantic cruises, the minimum age limit is also 21 years. When a ship leaves US territorial waters, European rules start to work. Minors have the right to visit bars. During the day, there are entertainment events, and in the evening families relax there. The child can be in the institution in the presence of parents, drinking juice or a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

Beverage cards

If you plan to actively visit bars, it is better to buy a package of drinks. They differ in price, assortment, and number of available items. Packages include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Passengers who purchased the card will have access to any institution, and no funds will be debited from the on-Board account during service. The package of drinks is purchased at the beginning of the cruise or at the beginning of the cruise. The price depends on the range and number of available items.

For coffee and beer lovers, there are separate coffee and beer bags. You can purchase a children's card with access to juices, sodas, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Review of Bars on Cruise Ships

On modern liners, there are at least 10 bars with a wide range of drinks. In addition to standard establishments where you can drink a glass of beer or wine, there are themed and music bars. Drinking on a cruise is considered relatively expensive. Passengers who want to indulge in alcohol are recommended to get a package of drinks. Otherwise, your wallet will be empty faster than the cruise ends. An alternative to ship bars is similar establishments on land. It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol on Board. The bottles are removed during the passenger's inspection and returned only after the cruise ends.

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