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Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

What does the entertainment program on a cruise ship include, and who is it intended for? Overview of popular entertainment and leisure options for passengers.

European cruise holidays and cruise in America are an exciting adventure that leaves indelible impressions in your memory. Today, this format of recreation has become more accessible, and anyone can go on a cruise. You can choose either a short route for 4-7 days, or an around the world cruise ship trip. Often travelers have a question about how to entertain themselves on the trip, and whether you will not be bored. The days when a cruise ship pool and several bars on ship was something unusual are in the past. Today, cruise lines in the fight for customers are working to improve the entertainment program and annually surprise travelers with new products.


Features of entertainment on cruise ships

Traveling by cruise sea ship includes both visits to cities and "sea" days. When the ship is at sea, passengers especially need entertainment. The ship's administration makes a busy schedule of events for this case, so that passengers can spend their day no less productive and fun than on the shore. The announcement of events is published in the onboard newspaper, and every evening the steward brings a fresh issue to the cabin. The opening hours of entertainment venues are also indicated there.

The leaders in the number of entertainment are the economy and standard class ships. This is due to the large capacity of the ships and the General public with different preferences. Premium and luxury cruise companies offer travelers a measured vacation in a more relaxed environment. Entertainment on the ship is divided into several types. The program is tailored to the interests of all categories of passengers.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

Program for children

Best cruise holidays is popular with family tourists, which is why companies devote a lot of time to creating a children's program. Small travelers will find shallow pools, attractions, playgrounds and sports grounds, computer clubs. During the day, group master classes, movie screenings, and competitions are organized for children. If desired, parents can enroll their child in a children's club divided into several age groups.

Children are supervised by experienced teachers, and the entertainment program does not leave a minute for boredom and inactivity. Children hone their modeling and drawing skills, play team games, watch movies, and swim in the pool. Teenagers participate in master classes and sports competitions, play computer games, and attend parties without parental control.

Some companies organize children's shore excursions based on the interests of a specific age category. A visit to the club is included in the ticket price, but you need to request a place in advance.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

Water activities

A cruise on a large ship is not complete without water entertainment. Standard pools are available by default on all ships. On large ships, there are several of them, including an indoor pool in case of bad weather. Almost any boat has a water Park with at least several slides of different levels of complexity. And two ships on the Disney Cruise line have a slide that can hit passengers with a record length of more than 200 meters. It completely encircles the perimeter of the ship and descends 4 decks down. Some of its sections protrude over the side, which guarantees tourists an impressive dose of adrenaline.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

Sports and health

On older ships, sports equipment is not very diverse: basic training equipment, treadmills, and halls for group training. But modern ships are equipped with the latest equipment. There are simulators for both beginners and advanced athletes. To visit the gym, you need sports shoes — without them, you will not be allowed to practice. On large ships there are tennis courts, mini Golf courses, volleyball and basketball courts. On ships of a class "Lux" there are ice rinks and surfing simulators. Group yoga or aerobics classes are also available.

Guests can relax in the SPA with treatment rooms. It offers pools and Jacuzzis, a Solarium, several types of saunas, mud baths, relaxation rooms with warm couches and panoramic ocean views. You can make an appointment for massage, therapeutic and beauty treatments for the face and body, visit the salt room.

Acupuncture, aromatherapy, and thalassotherapy sessions are also offered. Modern ships have a separate Spa area for men.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

Extreme rides

Some cruise ships have amusement parks. You can try your hand at the climbing wall, or overcome one of the trails of the rope Park. Some ships of MSC and Costa Cruises operators have a real Formula 1 racing simulator. You can experience all the delights of free fall in a wind tunnel. No less thrills are guaranteed after a ride on a suspended bike above the upper deck.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

Day program

Not everyone wants to lie around the pool all day or chase adrenaline on rides. During the day, everyone is invited to group events: competitions, cooking and dance workshops, art classes, wine tastings, exhibitions. They are held in public areas (bars, library, lounge). This is an ideal leisure option for single tourists, because during the event people meet and find new friends. Some cruise operators offer free courses where you can not only relax, but also learn useful skills. Also, during the day, theater performances, improvised comedies, and viewing of art and educational films are arranged.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

Evening entertainment

The most interesting thing begins with the onset of the evening. The highlight of the program is a spectacular show in a theater in the style of Broadway or Las Vegas. It is held in two shifts so that everyone can watch it. Some cruise lines attract Cirque Du Soleil artists. Interesting performances are also held in the ship's lounge. There you can enjoy the performance of dancers, acrobats, magicians.

Bars are transformed from ordinary establishments into places of cultural leisure, where groups or solo musicians perform. Themed piano bars are popular on modern ships. Movies are playing on the big screen by the pool. Guests can relax on a sun lounger with popcorn or a glass of wine. Young people go to a night club or to the open-air dance floor, where you can dance to incendiary hits until the morning.

Closer to night, the casino opens, where everyone can try their luck by playing a game of poker, bingo or roulette. Training courses are held for beginners, and real tournaments are waiting for professionals.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

The captain's evening

In the middle of the cruise, there is a captain's party. It is organized directly by the ship's captain. Guests will enjoy the atmosphere of a real ball, as well as treats in the form of light snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Those who wish can take photos with the captain, chat with the crew members and even dance with someone from the ship's crew. To attend the captain's party, you will need a tuxedo or evening dress — there is a strict dress code.

Review of the Entertainment on Cruise Ships

The entertainment infrastructure of cruise ships today is at the highest level. Guests are offered a lot of options for an exciting pastime. You can arrange a "lazy" day by spending it by the pool with cocktails. And you can participate in group activities, to catch the adrenaline rush on the rides or burn calories on the sports court. In addition to the above-mentioned entertainment, a library, shops, themed bars, and a computer room are open daily on the ships. The list of available options differs for all cruise companies and even ships. When booking a tour, you can get acquainted with the infrastructure and cultural program of the ship you like.

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