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The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

What are the cabins on cruise ships, their types and features. What services the passenger can expect, popular questions and rules of behavior in the cabin.

Modern ships (cruise ship holidays) have nothing in common with their predecessors built in the past centuries. A modern cruise ship is a luxury floating city with all amenities and entertainment. A ship cabin is analogous to a hotel room. In it, travelers sleep or just relax, store things, receive guests, arrange romantic dinners. Tourists who are planning to go on a cruise for the first time are often confused with the choice of cabin. They are slightly different from hotel rooms, and it is better to get acquainted with these nuances before you start your trip.


Room types

The term "cabin category “is often found on the websites of cruise companies. They are divided into 4 types and differ in cost and comfort level. Inside cabin of ships are the cheapest option. There is not even a small window, and you will have to settle for artificial lighting. The inside cabin cruise of ship is suitable for those who want to save money, or come there only for the night. The exterior room is distinguished by the presence of a porthole or a full-fledged window. Sometimes the view is partially blocked by lifeboats. This nuance is best clarified at the booking stage. An external cabin balcony on the ship will cost more. But the passenger can relax in the fresh air, without going out on the common deck. Sometimes the balcony does not face the sea, but the interior of the ship with public areas.

A separate category consists of the suites. These are spacious cabins with a balcony, sleeping and guest areas. Some suites are equipped with a bathtub and a Jacuzzi. In addition to the increased level of comfort, the traveler receives a number of other privileges (priority disembarkation, Butler service, champagne, etc.).

Modern ships have cabins for families and people with disabilities.

Family rooms are equipped with extra beds, have more free space and are located next to children's entertainment areas. Cabins for the disabled have a wide doorway so that the passenger can pass without obstacles in a wheelchair.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

SPA cabins

Some cruise lines have a separate room category. The cabins are designed for those who want not only to see new places, but also to relax in the SPA. There are special shower heads, additional hygiene products, and yoga mats at guests ' disposal. Passengers get access to a separate restaurant with a healthy menu and discounts on SPA treatments.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

Choice cabins and the common questions of tourists

The main criteria for choosing a room is a cruise ship deck on which the cabin is located, and its location relative to public areas. Some people need bars and discos in the immediate vicinity of the room, while others want to sleep in silence. When booking a cabin, you can use the deck plan. There you can view the location and internal equipment of the room you are interested in. People who are prone to seasickness should pay attention to the cabins located closer to the center of the ship. The most expensive rooms with balconies are located on the upper decks near the pool and entertainment facilities. But you need to be prepared for loud music and screams of merry passengers.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships


In best cruise ship cabin there is a bed (sometimes extra beds), air conditioning, TV, safe, telephone, necessary furniture, hair dryer. There are sockets (European or American type) for charging gadgets. In this case, you should have an adapter with you. An extension cord and Power Bank will not be superfluous. The balcony in the cabins is relatively spacious, there is enough space for two people to relax.

All cabins, regardless of category, have a small but functional bathroom. It is equipped with a shower stall, toilet, sink, mirror. Passengers are provided with bathrobes, towels, and hygiene products. Usually this is shampoo and shower gel, but on expensive cruise lines, the range is not limited to them. There is a rope for drying swimsuits. There are also shelves for cosmetics and other small items, hooks for things. Guests can expect regular cleaning, change of bed linen and hygiene items.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

Is there enough free space in the cabin

The size of a standard cabin is 14-18 m2. This is less than a room in most hotels. Some passengers can be cramped to be in it together, others perceive it exclusively as a bedroom, and the area is not important. If it is important to have free space, you should immediately choose a Suite. But you will have to pay for each additional meter. Standard rooms can accommodate up to 4 people. It implies the presence of two main sleeping places and folding shelves. Bedding is included in the cruise price. On high-price cruise lines, passengers are provided with orthopedic mattresses on request, as well as pillows and blankets.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships


The cabin has a wardrobe with hangers and a nightstand for storing small items. To save space, the cabins are equipped with hidden storage areas. They are represented by drawers and niches under the bed or sofa. The sleeping places are high enough to accommodate a suitcase under them. If there are two passengers in the cabin, there will be no problems with storing personal items. A safe is provided for documents, money and other valuables.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

Will it be convenient for traveling alone

Unfortunately, not all cruise lines are ready to offer single cabins. These options can be found at the operators Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. The traveler pays for accommodation at the usual rate and has a comfortable rest. The number of single cabins is limited and they are in great demand. In other cases, you have to buy a double cabin. The amount of overpayment varies from 10 to 100% depending on the operator's policy.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

Does maid service apply

Cruise ships have stewards. The cabin is cleaned by the same person throughout the trip. His duties include cleaning the bed, delivering the onboard newspaper, reminding you of planned events and reserved tables in the restaurant. The steward can be entrusted with small tasks, such as taking things to the Laundry or bringing food/drinks to the cabin. Several cabins are assigned to one steward for the duration of the flight. On the first day of the cruise, he tries to get to know the passengers. This is the perfect time to voice your wishes (Breakfast delivery, mini-bar filling, etc.). The price of the suites includes a personal Concierge service.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

Rules of conduct

Although the cabin becomes the "property" of the guest for the duration of the cruise, there are certain standards of behavior that should be followed. The main rule is to show respect for neighbors and observe silence at night. You should not talk loudly, or listen to music or watch movies without a special headset. You cannot light candles and light incense — this is fraught with fire. For the same reason, it is forbidden to use an iron (there is a special room for this purpose). You can only use a hair dryer and electric shaver, including them in a separate outlet.

Do not engage in "creativity" — glue, hang or nail something on the wall or door. The company has the right to fine the guest for property damage.

The Most Important Thing About Cabins on Cruise Ships

Cabin on the ship — the passenger's home during the cruise. Rooms are divided into several types, differ in price and comfort level. The choice of cabin depends on how comfortable the trip will be. Regardless of the category, the room has a bed, bathroom, necessary furniture and appliances. When choosing a cabin, you should take into account the route and seasonality. For off — season travel or sailing in the Northern regions, it is not advisable to pay for an external cabin-the cool weather does not encourage outdoor recreation.

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