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Tips for Choosing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

The cabins of modern cruise ships are no different from the comfortable rooms in hotels. But how do you choose the best one out of hundreds of cabins?

Cruise trip to Europe is a great solution to spend a vacation and enjoy a wonderful vacation. Cabins on modern ships do not even closely resemble the cramped crew quarters that they were at the dawn of shipbuilding. Amenities, luxury, magnificent sea views — all this is available now to travelers during the cruise.


Significance of the cabin location on the ship

All living spaces on the ship are divided into several categories: internal, external, with a balcony and suites. In which of them to go on a cruise, tourists usually determine based on their own financial capabilities. However, studying the cruise ship plan, it is easy to guess that not all cabins of the same class are the same. They are located in different places of the ship, which means that the living conditions in them are also different. So which cabin should I choose? We will try to answer this question in today's article.

Accommodation conditions directly depend on where exactly the cabin is located on the ship. If you don't want to be bothered by pitching or loud noise during the cruise, don't be too lazy to study the deck plan. Find out which branches are located next door, as well as the top and bottom. After all, unpleasant surprises can seriously spoil your travel experience. It is also a good idea to look at the selected cruise cabin rooms their photo to understand what the view will be from the window or from the balcony. The main thing is not to forget that high cost is not a guarantee of absence of inconveniences.

Tips for Choosing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Where to stay if you are predisposed to sea sickness

If you are often seasick, you should pay close attention to choosing a suitable cabin. To minimize unpleasant sensations during the trip, select the cabin as low as possible to the waterline and closer to the center of the ship. It is best to focus on the internal room category. Well, for those travelers who do not worry about the presence of pitching at all, there are no restrictions.

Tips for Choosing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Access to infrastructure

In this regard, everything depends on the individual preferences and wishes of passengers. The ship cruise is a rather big ship, with a large number of restaurants, bars, entertainment areas, swimming pools, dance floors and much more on its decks. Carefully consider the scheme of the cruise ship, determine the proximity of these objects to the selected cabin.

Think about whether you will be disturbed by the noise of vacationers at the pool, located nearby, or music coming from the disco. If so, try to choose a cabin away from their location.

Looking at the ship's plan, take a closer look at exactly where the elevators are located. It is much more convenient when one of them is located near the chosen place of residence. After all, long wandering through the corridors in search of passages is a waste of time, which, as you know, during the rest you need to spend only on pleasure.

Tips for Choosing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

In search of silence

For unknown reasons, known only to the cruise companies themselves, all the best cabins of stateroom category of the cruise ship are located on the upper deck under the pool. Yes, the views from the balconies of these cabins are truly impressive, comfort and service are always on top. However, the same deck above, where vacationers splash in the pool for their own pleasure and have fun with might and main, is a source of constant noise. It's never quiet here. Early in the morning, the staff prepares the area for rest, the sounds of moving sun loungers, chairs and other objects can interfere with even the soundest sleep. Well, at night, active partygoers gather near the water, whose laughter and screams will not let you fall asleep in peace.

Choose wisely. If you want to really relax and enjoy the peace — pay attention to the cruise stateroom, at least 2 decks below the pool. Well, if you sleep very lightly, it is best to stay in the Central part of the ship.

Another point. Cabins located on the stern at the very bottom are adjacent to the powerful engines of the ship. Choosing one of them, get ready to fall asleep to the monotonous hum. Of course, this is not too clearly hinders, unlike tipsy vacationers by the pool, but pay attention to it is still worth it.

Tips for Choosing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Additional amenities

In cabins of any class, vacationers are provided with everything they need for a good rest. Climate control, timely change of linen, shower accessories and much more. At the same time on cruise ships there are cabins for added comfort. They are, of course, more expensive than usual, but the pleasure of spending time in them is incomparable. Best cabins on cruise ships:

  • luxury cabin with personal bar;
  • Spa cabin with yoga mats and a special shower for relaxation;
  • A cabin serviced by a Concierge, who can be assigned routine duties (booking a table in an alternative restaurant, booking an excursion program on the shore, etc.);
  • Single cabin with access to the lounge area.

Tips for Choosing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Advantages of a cabin with a balcony

These cabins are one of the most comfortable types of accommodation on the ship. It is a special pleasure to go out on the balcony during a trip, especially if the location offers a beautiful view of the sea.

On the balcony, passengers can take spectacular photos to remember the cruise, relax with a Cup of coffee or just enjoy the amazing sea air. In addition, the cabin with a balcony is an ideal place for a romantic trip together. Stunning sunsets and sunrises against the vast expanses of water — romance in its purest form.

The balcony can easily accommodate a small table and a couple of sun loungers. There is also a place for children's games. For security reasons, transparent glass partitions are installed.

However, this is not without a number of nuances that you should be aware of when choosing a cabin. If you plan to go on a cruise in such a cabin, look at its location. Not all options are equally convenient for traveling. So, if you stay in a cabin with a balcony located on the lower deck, the beautiful view of the sea can be spoiled by a lifeboat. Instead of admiring the beauty of nature, you will study its structure in detail. Alternatively, the boat can only partially block the view, being directly under the balcony area and block the view of the water. In General, if you do not want to see a rescue vehicle from any side, take the choice of a cabin with a balcony more seriously.

Tips for Choosing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Yes, the category of the chosen cabin largely depends on the financial capabilities of the traveler. But still, its location is also of considerable importance. When planning a boat trip, be sure to consider the layout of the ship to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

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