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Additional Services on a Charter Yacht

What additional services are provided by the charter company? Features of the most popular services, their advantages and necessity on Board.

Yacht vacations are rapidly gaining popularity, replacing all-inclusive package tours in hotels. The number of Charter companies is growing, the quality of service is improving, and prices are falling due to competition. Basic services are usually already included in the charter price. Tourists are provided with a yacht with basic benefits for comfortable sailing. But there are also additional services that increase the level of comfort and help to diversify your leisure time. For money, you can order everything you want — from fishing or water skiing to organizing a wedding or corporate yacht party.


What is meant by additional services

A standard Charter involves the use of basic services. After paying the rent and settling the formalities, the yachtsmen receive a fully refueled vessel at their disposal. On Board there is furniture, dishes, radio equipment, navigation devices, a set of sails, life jackets. Some Charter companies charge for bed linen and towels. You also need to specify whether the final cleaning of the vessel is included in the Charter price.

Additionally, you can order equipment. Usually this is an air conditioner, safety net (relevant for families with young children), spare sails (Genaker and Spinnaker), desalination, outboard engine. Also, for a fee, you can attract staff, freeing yourself from routine everyday worries.

When hiring service personnel, travelers are obligated to provide a bed and a full meal for each crew member. The captain is provided with a separate cabin.

Additional Services on a Charter Yacht

Service personnel

If necessary, you can invite a cook, waiter, cleaner, animator. In addition to standard Lunches and dinners, the yacht chef can also serve a special dish or cocktail. The cook is responsible for serving the table, storing food, and maintaining order in the kitchen. Its presence is relevant for large companies, families and newlyweds who do not want to spend time on everyday life.

In recent years, yachting has become a family holiday format. Swimming with children requires constant attention and interferes with a good rest. If there are several children on Board, it is better to invite an animator. It organizes an interesting leisure program, and young travelers will always be under control. During this time, parents can relax with a glass of wine, swim in the sea or have a party.

Additional Services on a Charter Yacht

Water entertainment equipment

Charter companies offer rental of water toys: water skis, surfboards, and kayaks. This is the best option for those who prefer to combine yachting with active entertainment, but do not want the hassle of transporting their own equipment. Charter companies offer rental equipment at reasonable prices. There is no time limit — you can moor in a quiet place every day and enjoy your vacation. Water skiing or jet ski Yamaha on a yacht will not take up much space, and positive emotions will be guaranteed. Wakeboarding holiday is a great sport that delivers a lot of adrenaline and requires a minimum of time for training. You can rent masks and snorkels for diving.

Additional Services on a Charter Yacht

Sailing events

Professional organization of boat activities is a common and popular service. Employees of the charter company will help you organize a wedding, birthday or other holiday. It is no less important to hold business events on Board the yacht: negotiations, trainings, private corporate parties. This is not only an opportunity to discuss business in a pleasant atmosphere, but also an excellent motivation for employees. Modern yachts are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The cost of the service depends on the type of vessel, the duration of the event, and the number of service personnel.

Wedding in the sea — an original solution. The best option for those who want to spend a holiday in a romantic atmosphere with the closest people. You can implement the idea in the warm season, otherwise stormy winds and precipitation will spoil the fun of the holiday. Also, the bride will have to forget about elegant stiletto shoes — you only need to wear special shoes on the yacht. If desired, you can rent a boat for a longer period to spend your honeymoon on it.

A children's birthday party on Board a yacht is an exciting holiday format. Suitable for children 8-10 years and older. The child will feel like a real sailor, and this event will be remembered for a long time. You can organize a themed party with pirates, mermaids and other characters.

You can complement the holiday with shore excursions and interesting master classes on yacht management, knitting sea knots, etc.

Regardless of the format of the event, you need to take into account the capacity of the vessel. Usually cabins are designed for two passengers, there are additional sleeping places in the cabin. According to international rules, it is prohibited to have more people on Board than indicated in the technical passport of the vessel. Therefore, check the guest list before booking a yacht.

Additional Services on a Charter Yacht

Outdoor activity

Yacht fishing is a gambling activity, an opportunity to diversify your leisure time, have fun and eat fresh fish. Of course, you can bring your own gear and go fishing. But this is an extra hassle during transportation, finding a suitable place, purchasing a license. Many charter companies that provide a service for the organization of fishing. The price includes rental of modern equipment and accompanying the captain. He will tell you the "fish" places, give instructions and help at the right time. It is possible to rent a yacht for fishing with all the equipment. Similarly, you can use the rental of diving equipment, as well as order the services of an instructor.

Additional Services on a Charter Yacht

The crew

In the absence of a skipper's license, this will be a necessity rather than an additional service. But sometimes the captain is hired for his own peace of mind and carefree rest. The presence of a skipper is recommended for beginners. This is especially true in the off-season, when navigation is complicated by adverse weather conditions.

An experienced skipper who knows the specifics of the water area will take responsibility for managing the yacht. Passengers do not need to search for a place in the Marina, think about replenishing water supplies, or worry about the weather. The captain will always tell you where it is best to moor for a holiday, eat delicious food or find cheap Souvenirs, help you organize a picnic or conduct an interesting tour. He is responsible for the ship, and in the event of a breakdown, takes responsibility and the hassle associated with repairs.

You can choose a captain at the charter company where the yacht is rented. By prior arrangement, you can take a few lessons on the management of a marine vessel.

Additional Services on a Charter Yacht

In addition to renting a yacht, Charter companies provide additional services. Their list and price are usually listed on the website, so that travelers can get acquainted with the prices in advance and make a decision. We recommend that you book the necessary services in advance. The list of additional benefits is not limited to inviting the captain on Board. You can book excursions, romantic or family walks, fishing and diving. Some companies allow the involvement of service personnel from other companies. Charter companies offer insurance services, booking flights and hotels, and arranging transfers from the airport to the Marina and back. Additional services will make your sea trip more intense, you will get a wonderful experience and vivid memories for a lifetime.

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