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Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

European yacht marinas are famous for their high-quality service. Mooring in the most elite of them can become one of the most vivid impressions during a sea trip.

Any yacht Marinas Europe is not just a place on the pier. It is a complex infrastructure, thanks to which the ship can receive the necessary maintenance, refuel and replenish drinking water supplies. Also, the Marina is usually located various retail outlets, restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels — everything that allows yachtsmen, tired of conquering the vast expanses of the sea, to have a good rest on land.


Ten unique European marinas

Mostly Europeans travel on yachts in the Mediterranean Sea. In the vastness of this water area, you can find both small modest boats and megayachts of oligarchs.

There are a lot of equipped marinas. Charter companies ' offices are located right at the pier. By contacting them, you will be able to rent a suitable yacht as soon as possible. Based on your own needs and preferences, you can take a small yacht sailing Europe, or a large motor vessel.

In an effort to improve the quality of services, real estate agencies offer magnificent villas with their own marinas. The number of expensive exclusive marinas increases with each season.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Port Adriano

Port Adriano Mallorca is the newest Marina in the Mediterranean. It provides 82 mooring places for vessels from 25 to 100 m in length. Each boat is provided with two small rooms for storing inventory (this is free of charge, which is extremely rare).

During the construction of the Marina, much attention was paid to innovative technologies. High-speed Internet and convenient SMS notification are available for yachtsmen moored here. The office and entertainment center houses offices of Charter and cruise companies, numerous retail outlets, a jewelry store, cafes, restaurants and a diving school.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Marina di Portofino

For Parking in the small Marina di Portofino, the yachtsman will have to pay about 3000 euros. This beautiful and very expensive place can only be appreciated by wealthy clients. The Marina can simultaneously accommodate 14 regular yachts, as well as 2 megayachts.

Travelers are provided with all basic services, as well as the delivery of food and drinking water directly to the ship. Magnificent nature, excellent cuisine and refined atmosphere will be a great addition to your sea trip.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Porto Montenegro

The Porto Montenegro Marina of Montenegro, which claims to be one of the largest in the world, demonstrates the standards of service for yachtsmen. It is designed to receive 450 vessels, up to 250 meters long. The yacht can be moored for a period of 1 day to 30 years. So, the annual Parking will cost the owner of the yacht about 4500 Euros.

Vessels are serviced around the clock. It offers travelers Charter companies, customs and migration offices, reliable security and video surveillance. The surrounding area offers numerous entertainment centers, restaurants, retail outlets, a five-star hotel and even a specialized children's club.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Porto Cervo

The Marina of Porto Cervo Sardinia has 700 Parking spaces. 60 of them are reserved for megayachts, and 100 are reserved for transit vessels. The cost of a seat is 2600-2800 Euros. Porto Cervo has a shipyard and a waste disposal service.

Near the Marina of Porto Cervo Italy there are hotel and restaurant complexes, entertainment venues, and a Golf club.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Marina Portavadie

Portavadie is located in the picturesque foothills of Scotland. The Marina provides 230 seats for vessels up to 70 feet long. Yachtsmen can refuel their boat here, replenish their drinking water supplies, get yacht repair services, and much more.

Near Portavadie is SPA-center with the largest in Scotland, a heated swimming pool. There is also a unique eco-resort that will appeal to everyone who wants to enjoy privacy and relax on the banks of the emerald lake.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Marina Miraggio

During the construction of Marina Miraggio, engineers first of all tried to minimize the harmful effects on marine life. Water circulation is maintained in the Marina area in order to prevent the development of bacteria that harm the yacht's hull. Based on this concept, a unique open – type Marina was built-the first in Greece.

Miraggio can accommodate 81 yachts up to 40 meters long. On the territory of 50,000 square meters, 24-hour surveillance and high-quality service is organized. It is also worth noting the nearby Miraggio Thermal Spa, where connoisseurs of SPA procedures can relax. At the nearest hotel, most of the rooms have a private pool.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

St. Katharine's Dock

This exclusive Marina is located in the heart of London, on the river Thames. Previously, ships with expensive cargoes such as rum, rare spices, sugar and wine docked here. In 2017, St Katharine Docks underwent a complete renovation. The updated Marina is now able to offer travelers 170 Parking spaces for vessels up to 40 meters in length.

In St. Katharine there is everything you may need for the yachtsman and his boat. There is always a lot of life here. Musical performances and exhibitions are regularly organized on the embankment, and the world food market is held once a week. Staying in this Marina, you can not only replenish fuel, water, etc., but also touch the amazing culture.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

ACI Marina in Dubrovnik

ACI Marina Dubrovnik is the holder of the certificate of the international program "Blue flag”. It is located 2 miles from the entrance to the port of Gruz (Dubrovnik).

The Marina offers yachtsmen 520 Parking spaces that can accommodate vessels up to 60 meters in length. Here you can also get boat maintenance services and repair it if necessary. Offices of Charter companies, showers, Laundry, ATMs, numerous retail outlets-all this can be easily found in ACI Marina Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia. Do not miss the opportunity to admire its architecture and picturesque landscapes of the surrounding area.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Port Hercule

The deep-water Port Hercule Marina on the French Riviera can accommodate 700 vessels, from the smallest boats to impressive megayachts. This is where the famous Monaco Boat Show is held.

The Marina has a 24-hour service. Travelers can count on providing the necessary services at any time of the day or night. In addition, Monaco is a hub of expensive designer stores, exclusive restaurants with excellent cuisine, elite bars and yacht clubs. All this luxury and sophistication is available to everyone who is willing to spend their money on entertainment.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Dart Marina Yacht Harbour

Dartmouth will first of all be interesting to all lovers of historical places. Two ancient castles and the famous Royal naval College of Britain are located right on the river Bank. From the Marina to the Central part of the city a few minutes at a leisurely pace.

Dart Marina Yacht Harbour can accommodate 110 small vessels up to 20 meters. Parking space can be rented for 1 day or for a fairly long period of time. Nearby you will find a magnificent hotel offering exclusive apartments with river views and a Golf club. Fine cuisine, high — class service and an amazing atmosphere-all this awaits guests who want to relax from long sea crossings.

Unique Yacht Marinas in Europe

Above, we have listed the most exclusive European marinas. In fact, there are a lot of decent places to Park yachts in Europe. In each of them, travelers can find everything they need to relax and continue their route.

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